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Driving you wild!

Driving you wild!

Europe, April 2003.

If you enjoyed the freedom of summer with BenQ’s 4012EU, then you will love the new BenQ External CDRWs 4824WU and 5224WU soon to be available. In the same stylish metallic ocean blue design, the BenQ 4824WU and 5224WU provide even more thrilling speeds of up to 48X and 52X CD-R writing respectively and 24X CDRW rewriting, putting them among the fastest and most eye-catching external drives on the scene today. Burn, play, and access CDs whenever and wherever you go via the USB 2.0 interface linked to your laptop or PC.

One glance and these drives will have you wanting more. With BenQ’s strong design capability, integrated with the most complex circuits and components, they appear smaller and lighter, overthrowing the typical old-fashioned external CDRW. With heat dispersion design embedded in the side panel and base, elegant styling goes hand-in-hand with ease of installation and technology sophistication, all presenting BenQ’s pursuit of enjoyment with technology. Both drives feature BenQ’s patented Seamless Link III technology, Auto Pilot, Collision Guard, and Anti-Coaster to monitor your system and environment, automatically deciding the optimum burning speed and ensuring the highest reliability in writing and rewriting applications, with the industrial smallest gap (2μm). Collision Guard, which protects the writing process from accidental knocks or shakes, is particularly important for a portable drive. Both drives also come with value package -- Ahead Nero Express – the most popular and advanced burning software, with new designed friendly user interface, and are supplied with flash memory making them future-proof by allowing the owner to upgrade firmware to meet the latest standards and types of CD media. Both can be placed horizontally and vertically keeping space requirements to the minimum.

BenQ’s CDRW 4824WU and CDRW 5224WU are real eye-catchers: the stylish ocean blue exteriors make a strong young statement, that it is both cool and enticing. The light weight and small dimensions make them truly powerful take-anywhere products. Heat dispersion design contributes to a better writing quality. They also have an analogue audio output and can be used as a stationary CD player, and come with a vertical stand that makes them even more convenient to fit into your life. The access time is 100 ms only, and the 2MB buffer memory, is compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, and supports all current CD formats. The BenQ 4824WU and 5224WU are not only storage devices, but also cherished possessions you will want to take anywhere and everywhere.

Pick up the portable power of BenQ’s exterior storage drives. Lighter, smaller, and perfectly formed to fit in your life. You shouldn’t be seen in the digital world without one.