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Take away the BenQ portable DVD Player

Take away the BenQ portable DVD Player

Europe, April 2003.

The BenQ mini portable 6024DP DVD-ROM/DVD player (DVD Gem) is a great little 3-in-1 external drive. Small in size, but big in features it is truly a multi-faceted device – a DVD player, MP3 player and external DVD-ROM all in one mini-sized BenQ DVD player. Express the BenQ spirit – Bring Enjoyment and Quality to Life.

The light weight (0.55 kg) and small size, brings you the easy, mobile solution of A/V enjoyment. With USB 2.0 and A/V interface solutions, you can connect to your TV for a sleek mini-sized DVD player to create your own home theatre. Remote control enables you to play, forward, reverse and even search – enjoying every moment to the full. Connect to your computer or laptop and the 6024DP becomes an external DVD-Rom allowing you to watch the latest movies wherever you are. Plug in your earphones or hook up with your stereo speakers and the 6024DP becomes an CD Audio / MP3 stereo system so you can listen to your favourite tracks.

The 6024DP features S-Video, Digital Audio connections and built-in DTS and Dolby Digital encoders. You are also able to choose between 4:3 or 16:9 screen size, as well as switching between NTSC and PAL system via the OSD (On Screen Display). Not only does it have a compact design, the 6024DP is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and take anywhere you go. Imagine using the 6024DP as a portable DVD ROM, and also being able to enjoy the latest DVD titles on TV when travelling on business. DVD Gem frees you and breaks the boundaries of work and play. Who says you have to work hard or play hard at different times?

Pick up the portable power of BenQ’s DVD Gem 6024DP. Enjoy the balance of work and play. Be different, be free, be happy with BenQ.