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BenQ Wins Top Vote as Taiwan’s Most Innovative Brand in the IT Industry

BenQ Wins Top Vote as Taiwan’s Most Innovative Brand in the IT Industry

FEER Review 200 endorses BenQ for its Innovation in Response to Customer Needs

Taipei, Taiwan, December 26, 2002 – BenQ Corporation acquired its ranking at No. 14 in the Taiwan IT industry and receiving top spot for innovation in response to customer needs in Taiwan, according to Far Eastern Economic Review Magazine (FEER Review 200, Dec 26 – Jan 02 issue).

“We are thrilled to hear that BenQ excelled and emerged among numerous multinational companies in hitting top position for being the most innovative in response to customer needs in our region,” remarks Jerry WT Wang, Vice President of Sales Operation of BenQ Corporation, “Throughout the year, BenQ has conducted more than 50 types of research surveys based on the differentiation of customer habits and lifestyles to further understand our customers when engaged in BenQ products.”

With a set vision to enable consumers to integrate technology as a central enjoyable part of life whether at work, school or at home, BenQ consistently listens to customers in turn to maximize research and development efforts and to find new ways to work faster and more efficiently to fit customers’ needs. In such a short period of time since the brand’s launch in Dec. 2001, BenQ has perceptibly attained customer recognition both globally and locally, which clearly shows the customer loyalty and trust towards the newly established enjoyment brand.

The Review 200, now in its 10th year, was carried out by ACNielsen International Research (Hong Kong) and comprised 210 multinational corporations, which were selected on their efficacy of their appearance and market capitalization in the region. In total, 2,547 people responded to the survey, of which 55% were Review subscribers and more than 80% were at least in the mid-management level. Respondents were specified to vote based on criteria such as, high quality services or products, management with long-term vision, innovative in responding to customer needs, financially sound and a company that others try to emulate.