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Three new state-of-the-art storage products from BenQ

Three new state-of-the-art storage products from BenQ

Europe, 13 December 2002 BenQ has a reputation to uphold in the field of quality, fast storage. And now BenQ is introducing three new storage products that fully meet emerging needs in the market.

BenQ 5224P is one of the fastest CD Rewriters on the market today. It offers reading and writing speeds of 52X and a rewriting speed of 24X. It will burn an 80-minute audio CD in just three minutes and also makes short work of recording digital photo albums to share with family and friends. It is, of course, fitted with Seamless Link III – BenQ’s powerful package of safeguards – that protects against buffer under run during burning; it also includes Auto Pilot that automatically selects the optimum speed for the media being used, Collision Guard, and Anti Coaster, to ensure the best performance under all circumstances. The 5224P also offers CAV writing mode that considerably improves the average writing speed. It is fitted with flash-able memory, allowing users to upgrade with improved technologies, and Digital Servo Control for accurate and fast data access and writing.

BenQ 1650P is a high quality DVD and CD reader, allowing a CAV DVD reading speed of 16X and a CD reading speed of 48X (up to 50X on a 90 minute disc); it has an access time of just 85 ms. It has a very low noise design and low vibration mechanism and stabilises DVD playback. The 1650P offers excellent readability, supports UDMA 33, and also supports DVD-RW / DVD-R format read.

BenQ Combo 1232C combines the best of both worlds – a DVD reader and a CD writer and rewriter – and offers space-saving while not sacrificing quality or speed. The writing speed is 32X and the rewriting speed is 10X, while the DVD reading speed is 12X and the CD reading speed 40X. It offers High Burning Quality, is fitted with Seamless link technology, and – like all BenQ storage products – has a flash-able memory allowing you to upgrade your drive with the very latest technology. It is suitable for both vertical and horizontal use and features a Thermo Balanced Write Strategy. It is both PC 2001 and WHQL compliant and offers Mt. Rainier Easy Write standard. The design uses a dust seal to ensure a minimum of dust entering the drive.

All three BenQ storage products are compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT 4.X/ 2000 and XP and support all current disc formats.