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BENQ Europe chooses Kamino as new product distribution partner

BENQ Europe chooses Kamino as new product distribution partner

BENQ Europe has entered into an agreement with Kamino, one of today’s leading logistics service providers, to handle all product distribution throughout Europe. Kamino will maintain BenQ stock not only in the Netherlands, but also in additional facilities in the United Kingdom, and through Kamino partners in Spain and Italy. This, together with BenQ’s existing facilities in Germany, will increase BenQ’s European stock locations to five.

Kamino will now maintain BenQ stock in Europe, and prepare all orders for further distribution. All orders received during working hours are processed the same night, so that they are ready for distribution throughout Europe at the beginning of the following working day.

Key to this relationship is the sophisticated level of IT provided by Kamino. All Kamino warehouses and their partners' warehouses in Spain and Italy are linked together by Kamino's online Inventory Management System called WebStore. WebStore allows BenQ to see the stock and order status of all warehouses on one Internet site. An XML based interface has been specially developed to share information between the Webstore and BenQ systems.

This new distribution partnership will have considerable benefits to BenQ customers throughout Europe. The flexibility of decentralised storage, together with the centralised handling of all stocks through dedicated IT systems, will ensure a greater transparency of orders and a more agile approach to delivery than ever before. In addition, a proper balance can be achieved between flexibility and mastering the stock and transport costs.