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Portable storage power to expand your digital lifestyle ** BenQ introduces two good-looking external CD-rewriter drives

Portable storage power to expand your digital lifestyle ** BenQ introduces two good-looking external CD-rewriter drives

Europe, 23rd October 2002. Here’s all the power to put the punch into your portable. BenQ introduces two new external rewriters that cram all the latest technology into the most stylish exteriors around today. With either the BenQ CDRW 4012EU or the BenQ CDRW 3210AI, you can burn, play, and access CDs whenever and wherever you want. Thanks to the hot-pluggable USB 2.0 connection – offering a bandwidth of 480 Bps – these two drives offer writing speeds of 40X and 32X respectively, putting them among the fastest external drives available today.

One glance at these good-looking drives is enough to show how carefully designed they are. Elegant styling goes hand-in-hand with ease of installation and technology sophistication. Both drives feature BenQ’s patented Seamless Link III technology, Auto Pilot, Collision Guard, and Anti-Coaster to ensure the highest reliability in writing and rewriting applications. Collision Guard, which protects the writing process from accidental knocks or shakes, is particularly important for a portable drive. Both drives are also come with Ahead Nero Burning CD-Rom. And the drives can be used both horizontally and vertically keeping space requirements to the minimum. Both drives are future-proof; they are supplied with flash memory allowing the owner to upgrade software to meet the latest standards and types of CD media.

BenQ’s CDRW 4012EU is a real eye-catcher: Its stylish ocean blue colour makes a strong young statement, that it is at once cool, delicate and enticing. It is the perfect companion to a well-designed Notebook; its light weight and small dimensions make it a truly powerful take-anywhere product. Its heat dissipation design is the best available today and contributes to a better writing quality. It has an analogue audio output and can be used as a stationary CD player. It comes with a vertical stand that makes it even more convenient to fit into your life. It offers a remarkable 40X writing rate and a maximum reading speed of 48X. The access time is 120 ms. It has a 2MB buffer memory, is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, and supports all current CD formats. The BenQ 4012EU is not only a storage device, but a cherished possession you will want to take anywhere and everywhere.

BenQ’s CDRW 3210AI has a subtle champagne exterior, and includes many of the features of the 4012EU. It has, however, a writing speed (through USB 2.0) of 32X and a reading speed of 40X. Compact, stylish, and highly portable, it includes Seamless Link III, with Collision Guard, upgradeable flash memory, a Panel Play with analogue output for playing CDs, and a vertical stand.

Pick up the portable power of BenQ’s exterior storage drives. You shouldn’t be seen in the digital world without one.