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BenQ at Photokina: imaging products that prove quality and enjoyment matter

BenQ at Photokina: imaging products that prove quality and enjoyment matter

Europe, 13th September 2002. BenQ specialises in producing products that perfectly fit the digital life-style. With a range of scanners and digital cameras that offer versatility, sophisticated styling and state-of-the-art technology, BenQ brings enjoyment and quality to Photokina.

Scanners for Professionals, Advanced Users and SOHO BenQ’s range of scanners has been carefully designed to meet the high quality demands professionals make in this area.

The BenQ S2W 7400UT, with an optical resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi (48 bit colour output) is the perfect scanner for professionals, advanced users and SOHO. A built in transparency of 4”x 5”, allows users to scan large format negative and positive images for the purposes of web publishing and in house magazine design. The USB 2.0 interface, enables large amounts of data processing in just a click of a button. With ”One Touch” scanning, the BenQ 7400UT is a 2400 dpi scanner with individuality.

The BenQ S2W 6400UT is designed for super-fast, 1200 x 2400 dpi high quality scanning, with 48-bit true colour output. It makes full use of the innovative USB 2.0 technology. Five buttons allow user-friendly ”One Touch” scanning Scan-to-Web, Scan-to-Palm, Scan, OCR and Copying. The BenQ 6400UT has a built in 35mm strip transparency unit for scanning negative and positive images.

Both the S2W 7400UT and the S2W 6400UT feature BenQ’s unique Merge Magic, a tool developed exclusively by BenQ to merge two images into one – without noticeable joins, and are bundled with an iogear USB PCI add-on card.

BenQ’s new FilmScanner ScanWit 2750S makes scanning films and transparencies just that little bit easier and more enjoyable. It features 2700 dpi and enhanced 48 bit colour, ensuring flawless image quality. An auto-loading mechanism allows preview or scanning of up to six frames at one time. And the fast transfer interface of USB 2.0 ensures ease of use and simple connectivity. Built-in Digital ICE™ ensures the very highest image quality – automatically!

Award-winning Digital Cameras
With a powerful range of functions and sophisticated styling, BenQ’s digital cameras are perfect for the digital lifestyle.

BenQ’s DC1300, a remarkably small and light camera (weighing just 60 grams), offers brilliant images in 1.3 megapixels, 90 seconds of sound video recording or 10 minutes of straight audio recording. With amazing power efficiency, the DC1300 can capture up to 1750 images (without flash) and 200 images (with flash) on just 2 AAA batteries. With its striking pearl-white shell, the DC1300 allows you to go digital in style.

BenQ’s DC1500 is compact and lightweight (weighing just 100 grams) yet it features an integrated 0.9”colour STN LCD. This small beauty has some unique features such as dual mode storage (SD card expandable and built in memory), dual mode power source to ensure durability (built in battery together with two AAA batteries). It supports PIM II technology ensuring the best printout quality. The DC1500 can also be connected directly to TV (NTSC/PAL) for previewing, and unlimited video clip (dependant on memory size).

The BenQ DC2110 turns the world into a cinema where you can share memories. Its TV-connection supports PAL as well as NTSC and allows the user to record a video clip for up to 20 seconds. With high quality pictures with 2.1 Megapixel resolution, and a photo quailty of up to 4” x 6”, this no fuss, no complications, camera is easy to handle.

BenQ DC3310, with its gleaming, retro style body, looks like something really special. And it is. With a resolution of 3.34 megapixels and 2 x digital zoom, the DC3310 gives excellent quality for A4 size (8.27” x 11.69”) photographs. And with simple-to-use technology and video sequences recording of up to 30 seconds, there is no compromise on digital performance or functionality.

The BenQ DC4500 combines superb design with simplicity of use. It offers 4.1 mega-pixel resolution and features a 3X optical zoom and 3X digital zoom. Special features include 5 modes of White Balance, 3 modes of metering, and ISO 400, which provides special light support at night. With digital cameras up to 4.1 mega-pixel, there can be power consumption issues, however the DC4500 offers dual power source to ensure that your enjoyment is never be interrupted. The DC4500 also supports PIM II technology, ensuring the best output quality.

All BenQ digital cameras feature BenQ’s unique HIT (Historgram & Image Transformation) technology. HIT is a built-in software function that enriches the colour level of photographs taken with a digital camera. Normally, only about 80% of the colours can be captured by a digital camera; HIT reveals the remaining 20%, giving photographs a quality that other cameras cannot achieve.

Recent awards underline the quality of BenQ’s digital cameras. The DC3310 and DC1300 both received Bronze Industrial Design Excellence Awards in 2002. In addition, the DC3310 won 1st place in the Amateur category in CHIP (Ukraine), with the DC2110 coming in 2nd in the same category. And BenQ’s Industrial Design Center received two very prestigious awards in 2001: the National Design Award and Germany’s iF Design Award.

BenQ believes that its fresh approach to the digital lifestyle – where sophisticated technology and elegant styling are combined with enjoyment and quality – will win many supporters. Visit BenQ at Photokina: Hall 14.2, Stand L30.