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Projecting the Quality Picture *** BenQ expands its range of projectors to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating viewer

Projecting the Quality Picture *** BenQ expands its range of projectors to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating viewer

Europe, 7th August 2002. Today, the big picture makes the impact. Whether you are pitching for an important contract, holding a sales meeting, visiting a potential client, or simply enjoying the latest movie, then BenQ has a high-quality projector exactly right for your needs. All featuring the very latest technology; all offering an unparalleled ease of operation; all providing the sharpest image on the market today; and all offering a very favorable price-performance ratio.

At the heart of all BenQ projectors is DLP® technology, developed by Texas Instruments. DLP® technology helps BenQ projectors deliver clear, sharp, bright images. Projectors that feature DLP™ technology are uniquely small and lightweight, and BenQ projectors are able to deliver a market-leading combination of outstanding image quality, high brightness, and portability.

DLP™ technology also brings other advantages to BenQ projectors. It is, for example, a digital technology - meaning that the images it delivers are precise and repeatable, unaffected by outside factors such as heat, humidity, and vibration. This is not true for analog technologies. And DLP™ technology is uniquely reliable, with a life expectancy in excess of 100,000 hours of operation. Other technologies begin to degrade after a few thousand hours.

All BenQ projectors feature DCMS (Dynamic Colour Management System) that enhances high colour saturation, offer a 1-2-3 Easy Set-Up to make the use of the projector fast and simple, and come with a unique three-year warranty that includes a 48 hour quick on-site SWAP during the first year. In addition, they offer whisper-quiet operation, are very lightweight (ideal when travelling), and have extremely well designed, stylish exteriors.

BenQ is currently offering three families of projectors: the Micro Series SL705S and SL705X; the Professional Series DS660/DX660 and DS650/DX650; and the Value Series DS550/DX550. Each of the four models is available in two versions: one with XGA resolution, the other with SVGA resolution.

Top of the range is the DS/DX660. A powerful 2000 ANSI lumens, 600:1 contrast ratio, and a 60”@2m wide-angle lens allows brilliant pictures at image sizes up to 300”. It is HDTV compatible (YPbPr) and, at just 34 db, truly whisper-quiet.

The DS/DX 650 offers many of the features of the DS/DX660 – 600:1 contrast ratio and a 60”@2m wide-angle lens, HDTV compatible, and power-saving (video mode) – but with 1600 ANSI lumens, offering the best price-performance for middle-size corporate users. The DS/DX550 is the entry-level model, combining true SVGA/XGA resolution, 1,200 ANSI lumens, 450:1 contrast ratio, 60”@2m wide-angle lens, 40 db whisper-quiet operation in a slender housing weighing just 2.3 kg. It is particularly aimed at SME’s who demand an exceptional function/cost ratio and ease of use.

The SL705 S/X packs 1,100 ANSI lumens, 600:1 contrast ratio, 60”@2m wide-angle lens, HDTV compatibility, and 34 db whisper-quiet operation into a product that weighs just 1.7 kg, making it perfect for SOHO owners, home users, and institutions. Its ease of use and compact styling make it perfect for use “on the road.” The SL705X was recently awarded the “Editor’s Choice” nomination in PC Professionell magazine (Germany) and was given the highest score rating (5 stars) in T3, Spain’s high-tech products / life-style magazine. BenQ’s wide range of quality projectors demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing the best technology, the greatest ease of use, and the highest flexibility for all users.

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