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Marrying Technology and Aesthetics; BenQ Digital Cameras Win IDEA2002

Marrying Technology and Aesthetics; BenQ Digital Cameras Win IDEA2002

Europe, 5th July 2002, BenQ is pleased to announce that two of its digital cameras, the DC3310 and DC1300, have been awarded bronze medals in the 2002 Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

With stylish aluminum-magnesium alloy exteriors, compact bodies and an impressive array of features, both cameras received more than their fair share of attention from the panel of judges, earning them each a bronze award among 1,116 products from the top brands worldwide. This follows on the heels of two more prestigious awards, the National Design Award and Germany’s iF Design Award, both won by BenQ’s Industrial Design Center in the last year.

BenQ’s design philosophy is exemplified by its slogan, “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life”, and BenQ’s products, designed to offer an impressive array of functions at the touch of a button, offer a unique combination of power and simplicity.

The lightweight, compact design of the BenQ DC3310 belies its power and functionality. A marriage of design and technology, the BenQ DC3310’s aluminum alloy body weighs just 250 grams (including batteries), yet produces images with a resolution of 3.34 megapixels. The DC3310 offers a precision lens structure and optometric parts, as well as proprietary Histogram & Image Transformation (HIT) Technology. With powerful colour segmentation capability that enables a huge range of colour scales, image details and contrast are more precise, allowing more vivid photos with rich colours and sensational image quality. The DC3310 produces high quality images of up to 2048*1036 resolution and A3-size photo quality. As if that weren’t enough to satisfy the needs of amateur and professional photographers alike, the DC3310 can also record up to 30 seconds of video.

With a lightweight, fine-textured silver-hued body housing optical processing power good enough for the most demanding photographer, the DC3310 is the perfect choice for the consumers wanting stylish, portable and high-end digital performance. Finally, the DC3310’s sliding lens cap is built into its body, making lost lens caps a thing of the past.

While certainly compact, the 63 gram “Three-in-one” DC1300 is no lightweight when it comes to functionality. With 1.3-megapixel imaging and proprietary HIT technology, the DC1300 captures vivid images anytime, anywhere. Its excellent image quality and wide-spectrum colour scale allows users home image printing with quality that is comparable with traditional photos.

The BenQ DC1300 also allows the user to film up to 90 seconds of sound video recording, or 10 minutes of straight audio recording. The camera’s built-in 16MB flash memory can store up to 120 images, and its five white balance modes allow for picture-perfect quality in any environment. A built-in flash, 10-second timer and three continuous shot capability and USB interface makes it easy to use even for beginners.

The DC1300 also features amazing power efficiency, and is able to capture up to 1500 images on just two triple-A alkaline batteries. Finally, with its fine-textured classical pearl-white casing, the BenQ 1300 is both slim and stylish.

BenQ’s digital cameras make recording life’s memorable moments easy. With a variety of styles and designs, BenQ’s digital cameras are as unique as the people who use them. All BenQ digital cameras come with a Quick Start Guide and electronic instruction manual.