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Stylish LCDs for your Digital Life from BenQ *** Extra visual comfort from 20”, 18” and 17” displays

Stylish LCDs for your Digital Life from BenQ *** Extra visual comfort from 20”, 18” and 17” displays

Europe, 3rd June 2002. BenQ (formerly Acer Communications & Multimedia), an industry leader in digital lifestyle devices, is expanding its range of sleek, high-quality LCD screens with three new models: FP2081, FP882; and FP781. All combine high quality picture with multi-functionality and stunning good looks.

As computer and entertainment technologies merge, so people are demanding exceptionally well designed, adaptable monitors that are not only able to show images from the computer, games console, television, and DVD, but are also equally at home in the office or the living-room. These three new LCDs combine business and pleasure in the sophisticated and enjoyable way that is BenQ’s speciality. Although the three new LCDs have much in common – sophisticated and leading-edge technology, multi-functionality, and a user-friendly interface – they are clearly targeted at specific segments of the market.

With a large 20.1-inch viewable screen and multiple advanced video inputs, the BenQ Professional Series FP2081 is at the high-end of the market. Its ultra-sleek design integrates A-Grade panel with advanced circuitry and triple-speed 25 ms response. With PIP (Picture In Picture) function, the FP2081 has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of the CAD/CAM and Graphic Art/Design professionals who demand high resolution and high contrast imagery within a sophisticated, compact, and thoughtfully designed exterior. With 4 types of signal input: D-sub, DVI-D, S-Video, and Composite, it can receive both analog and digital input signals, allowing users to hook up high-definition DVI sources, DVD players, VCRs, network boxes, tuner boxes or other composites.

BenQ’s FP882 offers the same superior spec of the FP2081, with a viewable screen of 18.1 inches. It is aimed at users in areas that demand high quality and stylish design, but do not need the large-screen accuracy offered by its larger brother. It is far more compact than CRT screens offering a similar viewable area, and takes up only a fraction of desk space. It is particularly suitable for corporate companies, such as banks, securities companies, department stores, and so on, where screen comfort must go hand in hand with stylish design and clarity of image.

The FP781 has been specially designed to offer fashion-conscious users a compact package of sleek and advanced styling, together with high quality image and full multimedia comfort. It couples a dual input (D-Sub and DVI-D) for both analog and digital signals, with two integrated speakers for full stereo sound and a microphone for Internet phone connections or for recording. With the wide viewing angle, it is the perfect multimedia LCD for gaming and for CD listening.

All three LCDs offer a wide range of BenQ innovations. These include the Auto-Phase and one-touch i key. Auto-Phase will automatically adjust the phase, vertical and horizontal position three times when you connect to the system and provide a comfortable picture performance without doing anything. i key is an auto-adjustment key that easily adjusts the display quality and setting when users apply a new setting or pattern. These two features represent BenQ’s commitment to providing a user-friendly interface with integrated, sophisticated technology. The ergonomic design, incorporating monitor tilt and swivel, allows an extensive range of viewing angles. The LCDs all meet the highest environmental standards, and have all been awarded the TCO’95 environmental safety certificate.

With these three new stunning LCDs, BenQ again underlines its commitment to providing sophisticated digital lifestyle products that are fun to use. BenQ brings enjoyment to your life.

About BenQ
Previously named Acer Communications & Multimedia, BenQ is an industry leader in digital lifestyle devices with an expertise that encompasses the display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas.

BenQ has manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Mexico, China and Taiwan. The company has 10,100 employees worldwide, supporting a strong global sales marketing and service network spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. BenQ has research and development facilities in Taiwan (Hsinchu Lab), China (Suzhou Software Development Center) and California (Wireless Technology Center), and has close to 1200 research and development employees in China, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and San Diego. BenQ has amassed over 670 global patents. For more information about Benq, please visit our website at