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KY Lee Succeeds as Chairman of BenQ *** KY Lee attends the Opening-Bell Ceremony for AU Optronics at the New York Stock Exchange

KY Lee Succeeds as Chairman of BenQ *** KY Lee attends the Opening-Bell Ceremony for AU Optronics at the New York Stock Exchange


Europe, 31st May 2002 BenQ held its Board of Directors Meeting after the re-election of the Board at the 2002 AGM. At this meeting, the Board elected Mr. KY Lee to be the Chairman and the President of BenQ.

KY Lee joined the Acer Group in 1976 as Manager of the R&D Department, and has since held several key positions in sales, marketing, strategic planning, engineering, and manufacturing. He became President of Acer Communications & Multimedia in 1991. KY Lee has lead BenQ to an excellent performance over the past twelve years, particularly in the communication and TFT- LCD monitor sectors. With the tremendous performance, KY Lee has been a shining leader in the industry. KY Lee will continue to lead the company forward as Chairman and President of BenQ Group.

On May 30th, 2002 KY Lee attended Opening Bell ceremony, which commences the day’s trading, at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to celebrate the listing of AU Optronics. BenQ is a major shareholder in AU Optronics, which is Taiwan's largest, and the world's third largest LCD panel manufacturer. The first LCD panel manufacturer to be listed on the NYSE, AU Optronics saw its share price increase 12% after the first three days of trading. The ADR offering is being implemented to raise capital for planned 5G facilities, which would strengthen the competitiveness of BenQ digital display product lines.

About BenQ
Formerly Acer Communications & Multimedia, BenQ is an industry leader in digital lifestyle devices with an expertise that encompasses the display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas. BenQ has manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Mexico, China and Taiwan. The company has 10,100 employees worldwide, supporting a strong global sales marketing and service network spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. BenQ has research and development facilities in Taiwan (Hsinchu Lab), China (Suzhou Software Development Center) and California (Wireless Technology Center), and has close to 1200 research and development employees in Suzhou, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and San Diego. BenQ has amassed over 728 global patents. For more information about BenQ, please visit our website at www.BenQ-eu.com