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BenQ to Showcase its Brand Equity and R&D Capability in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2002

BenQ to Showcase its Brand Equity and R&D Capability in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2002

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, May 28, 2002 - After the global identity launch program in 2001, BenQ will create another focus on enhancing its brand equity by participating in the annual Computex Taipei this year. From June 3rd to June 7th, BenQ will showcase its latest innovations under categories such as display, multi-media, optronics storage, scanner, digital camera, mobile phone, and broadband network. BenQ will exhibition newly developed product lines, demonstrating BenQ’s R&D capability and focusing on “Enjoyment Matters”.

In 2000, BenQ successfully expanded its international scale from 4 global headquarters to more than 20 sites. By participating in Computex Taipei 2002, BenQ aims to show both overseas buyers and domestic consumers its determination to build BenQ’s international branding as a Taiwanese company. Jerry Wang, Vice President of BenQ Global Marketing Office indicates, “As ’BenQ’ stands for ‘Bringing Enjoyment to Life’, the enjoyment brought by our products is highly emphasized in addition to the quality and R&D technology of them. Our ultimate goal is to bring ‘Enjoyment Matters’ to consumers.”

BenQ plans to showcase its solid product lines in display, optronics, and communications. (Not all products will be available within Europe)

Display products representative of BenQ’s R&D capability

Display products include three LCD TVs with wireless receiver, PDP TVs, eleven projectors for commercial and home theater, LCD monitors, and CRT monitors. Among LCD TV products, series with brightness of 800 cd/m2 are available at the screen size of 20 inches and 500 cd/m2 of 15 and 20 inches. The latest wireless visual signal transmission technology developed by BenQ has created significant leading advantage in its LCD technology and wireless communications. In addition, BenQ will launch into the home theater and enterprise markets with the newly developed PDP 46W1. BenQ's PDP 7843e, the biggest 4:3 Plasma Display will also be showcased in Computex 2002. Consumers and commercial executives are invited to experience the high audio-visual quality presented by BenQ’s innovation in consolidating unique screen size and most advanced digital display technology.

At Computex 2002, BenQ will exhibit four product series of digital projectors for commercial and home theater use, each with individual functional designs for mobile projection, grand/ medium conference room and home theater. Aside from the rich brightness delivered by DS/X 660 series, the to-be-launched HT 480W for home theater will achieve even more impressive performance in visual depth, color, and animation to all consumers.

In the annual Computex Taipei this year, BenQ will present a wide range of fabulous monitors. Highlights of the products on the show floor include LCD Monitor FP2081, FP882, FP781, FP567, CRT Monitor P992 and G781. Worth mentioning, the 20.1 inches BenQ flagship FP2081 LCD Monitor, with a super wide viewable angle 80/80/80/80 (left/right/up/down), is larger than most of LCD monitor in the market. It has resolution 1600 x 1200 with 0.255 mm pixel pitch and is able to support up to 76Hz from 56Hz. Another impressive product is the BenQ P992 CRT Monitor. Specially designed for professional users, P992 is requited with 19” shadow mask Flat, ultra-fine 0.25mm, a resolution of 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) to present a high refresh rate for flicker-free image. The P992 is also TCO’99 compliant.

BenQ’s solid optronics technology capacity

BenQ optronics products on display at the annual Computex Taipei this year include many of the latest CD and DVD re-writers, digital cameras, scanners and multifunction peripherals. BenQ CD re-writers to be exhibited include the fastest CD-RW with 52 write speed, as well as the BenQ CRW4816P, the first mass production 48 write speed Internal CD-RW drive. DVD re-writers that can also be seen on the show floor include DVD-RW and DVD+RW. BenQ will also showcase a unique U-shape model CRW4816EU with USB 2.0 interface, and several eye-catching Mini-RWs with USB, PCMCIA and Firewire connection capability demonstrating the perfect combination of technology and fun life.

Scanners in the show include S2W 7400UT, S2W 6400UT, S2W 5000U and S2W 5300U. Advance models such as S2W 7400UT are equipped with USB2.0 interface and resolution of 2400 x 4800dpi. The latest film scanner, S2W 2750U is also equipped with USB2.0 interface. It has fast scan speed, auto positioning and focusing technology to secure a sharper image and results in true-to-life accuracy. Through unique HIT technology, BenQ digital cameras can identify the slightest difference between color shades and result in the best image quality. Jerry Wang, Vice President of BenQ Global Marketing Office said, “BenQ has a complete optronics research and development skill set. We’re devoted in bringing innovative technology and leading edge optronic products. We will also engage in integrating products from different product lines.”

BenQ communications in the annual Computex Taipei 2002

BenQ will showcase the result of its hard work in the broadband field. Wireless LAN products include AP, PCMCIA and USB, providing users a total solution. With PCMCIA AWL100 or USB AWL300 and Access Point AWL500, Notebook or PC users can enjoy surfing wirelessly at an amazing speed. For multiple users, AWL700 is the best choice. It offers separate IP and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness. During the show, BenQ will also present desktop switch and fast Ethernet card, xDSL series (ASR688/ ASM688/ASU610/SSR610) and Gateway (ESG104).