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BenQ introduces two new external CD rewriters

BenQ introduces two new external CD rewriters

Europe, 22nd May 2002. BenQ, one of the world leaders in CD (re)writing technology, is introducing two cutting-edge external CD rewriters: the very compact and stylish BenQ 2410MR (with 24X write, 10X rewrite, and 32X read) and the BenQ 2410EU (with 24X write, 10X re-write, and 40X read). Not only do these two new models offer high-speed reading and writing performance, they are also elegant, hot-pluggable with USB 2.0/ USB 1.1, and feature BenQ’s patented Seamless Link III to guarantee a safe and successful environment for all recordings.

Seamless Link III includes three major improvements on previous releases: Anti-Coaster, Auto Pilot, and Collision Guard. The Anti Coaster is an efficient protection means against Buffer Under Run errors. BenQ is one of the manufacturers to reduce the gap between termination and resumption points to a maximum of 2µm. This is currently the lowest value in the industry. No other technology ensures better writing quality.

Auto Pilot addresses potential problems caused by having too many applications running, peripheral performance limitations, and the quality of the source CD. All these can lead to the buffer status falling below minimum specifications and operation being slowed down by the constant cutting in and out of the anti-coaster, thus taking longer than usual. The Seamless Link III Auto Pilot constantly monitors performance as well as peripheral resource loading and simultaneously optimises writing speed to the quality of the CD being written to. This ensures a continuous writing process, which achieves better results. And Collision Guard is a firmware-controlled design, allowing the optical head to find the original location and continue the writing process. It is particularly beneficial for external drives, since it reduces problems caused by vibration or by accidental knocking while it is writing.

The BenQ 2410MR and the BenQ 2410EU are exceptionally easy to install: both feature a hot-pluggable USB 2.0 (with backwards compatibility to USB 1.1) interface; in addition, the highly compact BenQ 2410MR also offers a PCMCIA interface and a Firewire cable (optional). Both models will accept all current disc formats – CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM (mode1 and mode 2), CD-ROM XA (mode 2, form 1 and form 2), CD-DA, CD-I (mode 2, form 1 and form 2), Photo CD (single- and multi-sessions), Video CD, CD-Extra, Mixed mode CD – are compatible with Windows 98SE/ 2000 / ME / XP (optional software is required for Mac OS 8.X/9.X), and are fitted with an upgradeable Flash memory.

The introduction of these two new external drives is again a clear demonstration of BenQ’s determination to create products that fit in with today’s lifestyle. They are compact enough to carry around and always ready for use wherever the owner is. It is another step towards providing a full range of digital lifestyle products that add fun and enjoyment to our lives.

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