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LCDs in new design - ISO certification guarantees top quality

LCDs in new design - ISO certification guarantees top quality

Europe, 1st March 2002 - BenQ, previously Acer Communications & Multimedia, brings to the market a range of flat panel LCDs that combine modern styling and high quality standards. All the LCDs are certified to ISO 13406-2 standard. This guarantees extremely low pixel error tolerance. Fixed viewing angle classifications and guidelines for LCD brightness and contrast ratio ensure optimal flexibility of use in all office environments.

The BenQ 15" FP567 features an eye-catching new design. The award-winning technology of the Acer FP563 has not been changed. Its image quality excels most 15" LCD monitors on the market. The brightness 250 cd/m2, and the contrast ratio is 350:1 meets the visual demand of professional as well as private customers.

The major characteristic of the 17" FP751 is its contrast ratio of 400:1. Due to its outstanding value for money this device, with its integrated USB Hub, was one of the best selling Acer LCDs. BenQ aims to continue this trend. Another 17" display will complement the wide range of LCD Monitors in the second quarter of 2002: The FP781, featuring an excellent response time of 35 ms.

The new SmartPanel technology makes the FP581 super slim. The electronic components are integrated with the LCD panel, saving up to 4 cm in device depth. Its "Auto calibration" function adjusts the phase, vertical and horizontal position automatically. Users can enjoy perfect image even without clicking "i key".

The company will also present an 18.1" TFT-LCD: the BenQ FP882. With its wide viewing angle (80/80, 80/80) it is perfect for professional users. The FP882 can accept 2 types of input signals, giving the choice of either analog D-sub or digital DVI input.

BenQ's first 20" flat screen LCD, the FP2081, will enter the market during late summer 2002. This LCD will be a high-end device with D-sub, DVI-D, S-Video and composite input signals, allowing the display to show films or video sequences like a TV.

A new BenQ CRT will be shown at CeBIT, too. The flat P992 is equipped with shadow mask flat tube enabling outstanding distortion-free images. Its full scope of display controls allows a wide range of applications â013 from word processing, spreadsheets, and Web surfing to professional graphics. The BenQ P992 is suitable for small or home office and home users, as well as game enthusiasts who need the best and large image quality. The BenQ P992 is certified according to TCO'99 standards, which guarantees optimum legibility, image stability, emission, energy saving, safety and environmental issues.