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BenQ: New brand hits the world stage - Seamless Link III guarantees speed and quality

BenQ: New brand hits the world stage - Seamless Link III guarantees speed and quality

Europe - BenQ, previously Acer Communications & Multimedia, brings one of the world's fastest CD-RW's to the market. The internal CD-ReWriter CRW4012P is one of the first to achieve a maximum 40x write speed and a maximum 48x read speed. In CD-RW writing, it operates with a maximum 12x speed. This is made possible by the Seamless Link III technology, developed to the point at which the original process is not just improved but has two new features added as well.

The Anti Coaster in Seamless Link III is an efficient protection means against Buffer Under Run errors. BenQ is one of the manufacturers to reduce the gap between termination and resumption points to a maximum of 2µm. This is currently the lowest value in the industry. No other technology ensures better write quality.

Having too many applications running, peripheral performance limitations and the quality of the source CD can all lead to the buffer status falling below minimum specifications and operation being slowed down by the constant cutting in and out of the anti-coaster, thus taking longer than usual. The Seamless Link III Auto Pilot constantly monitors performance as well as peripheral resource loading and simultaneously optimises writing speed to the quality of the CD being written to. This ensures a continuous writing process, which achieves better results.

Vibrations and impacts are usually absorbed by the hardware components themselves. This may lead to the write head leaving the correct track. Until now this had always resulted in the read/write process being aborted. BenQ's Collision Guard using a firmware solution ensures that the laser head is always returned to its former position guaranteeing successful operation. BenQ CD Rewriters 3210A and 2410A, and also external drives are equipped Collision Guard. Another fast Rewriter will be launched: The CRW 3210A with maximum 32x CD-R and 10x CD-RW writing speed. The CRW 3210 EU will be its external counterpart.

The external rewriter BenQ CRW 2410MR is not only good to look at. This improved version even excels the well-proven Acer CRW8824MM, is upgraded to 24x writing speed and 10x rewriting speed. Its multi-interface supports USB 1.1 as well as PCMCIA and Firewire (1394 digital interface).

BenQ also supplies a variety of other storage products, including the DVD drive DVP 1648A Its Plug and Play ability allows immediate use of the device, saving time and complicated set up procedures. The DVP 1648A is also renowned for being exceptionally quiet and excellent readability of discs.

The CD-ROM drive CD-656A features a 56x transfer rate. Like all BenQ CD-ROM/RW and DVD products it features flash memory for firmware updating. This means the drive can be adapted to the latest CD-Types and standards.