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BenQ Presents New Face at CeBIT

BenQ Presents New Face at CeBIT

Europe, February 12th 2002. BenQ, previously Acer Communications & Multimedia, is presenting its new face to the world at the forthcoming CeBIT (March 13 - March 20). Dedicated to creating enjoyment and quality in today's world of digital technologies, BenQ is planning to leverage its strong competencies in three key areas: Display technology (CRT and LCD monitors, projectors), Opto Electronics (scanners, digital cameras and optical storage products), and Communications (wireless, networking and broadband products).

Visitors to CeBIT will not be able to escape the new face of BenQ: in addition to advertisements in the leading magazines, there is also a full poster campaign, drawing attention to the New Face of BenQ. And visitors to BenQ's stand will be able to see what a new face could do for them!

All this fits in with the philosophy of the company: Enjoyment matters. BenQ is dedicated to bringing enjoyment and quality to life with technologies that free people to better see, hear and touch the world. And at CeBIT, a number of key new products will be introduced to the public for the first time.

  • Two new projectors - the whisper quiet, compact SL705X, offering 60"@2m, and fully controllable with a remarkable, infra-red Presentation Wizard; and the super-bright (1800 ANSI lumens) VP150X, with Plug N' Play compatibility.
  • Two new displays: the plug-and-play FP581, offering an ultra-slim display measuring just 4 cm in depth; and the FP 2081 with a size of 20.1".
  • Two new drives: the external CD-RW 2410EU, featuring the unique Seamless Link III, offering anti-coaster, auto-pilot, and collision guard; and the CDRW 4012P, one of the first 40x CD-RW drives in the world, with buffer under-run protection and auto pilot.
  • Two new Digital Cameras: the DC3310, with a high-tech stainless steel body, offering 3.34 CCD quality; and the DC1300, a remarkably small and light product, offering brilliant images in 1.3 megapixels, audio recording, and movie clips.
  • The S2W 6400UT, a high-speed scanner - designed for super-fast and 1200 x 2400 dpi high quality scanning - makes full use of the innovative USB 2.0 technology; it is bundled with an IOgear USB PCI add-on card.
  • Three products in Broadband: the AWL100 PCMCIA, with very good RF signal quality, and 128-bit WEP protection, the AWL300 (USB), for both notebooks and desktops; and the AWL700 Router, means you can be connected anytime, anywhere, without the fiddle and fuss of leads. (Not immediately available in Europe).
  • Two new mobile phones: both the M760G and M770G are GPRS phones, offering WAP 1.2.1, internal antenna, and EMS. (Not available in Europe).
  • Two new media: the 40X CD-R 80, combining high speed (1X ~ 40X) with high capacity (700 Mb for data, 80 minutes for music) and ensuring long-life; and the DVD+RW 4.7 Gb, with a massive capacity (4.7 Gb), and a certified rewritable use of 1000 times.
  • Darfon foldable keyboard: a full-size notebook keyboard, that folds down to less than half its size, making it the perfect travelling companion for a PDA or Smart phone.

BenQ is convinced that there will be a further integration of work, study, leisure and entertainment. As digital products become increasingly a part of modern lifestyle, BenQ has the unique ability to combine technologies to provide entertainment and fun.