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WinXP drivers available NOW for Acer Scanners

WinXP drivers available NOW for Acer Scanners

When upgrading to Microsoft's new Windows XP, many users will discover that their existing peripherals require XP compatible drivers. Acer has been working hard to ensure that drivers for its most popular scanners are available to customers.

Acer has developed and marketed a full range of high quality scanners, many of them used in highly demanding, professional environments - exactly the sort of environment that will benefit from the greatly increased stability of Windows XP. For this reason - and because Acer believes it is extremely important for customers to be able to continue using its products without problems - Acer has updated its MiraScan software to make two of the Acer drivers compatible with WindowsXP.

The two new versions of Acer's MiraScan - v4.03u and v5.01u - now both have Windows XP compatible drivers, allowing users to simply plug and play. To download the latest drivers, please go to

MiraScan v4.03u supports all the following Acer scanner models: 310U, 320U, 340U, 620U, 620UT+, 640U, 640UT, 640BU, 640BT, 1240UT, 5100U, 3000U, 3300U, and 4300U.

MiraScan v4.03u resolves XP WIA in-box driver compatibility problems. The WIA in-box driver, although supporting Acer's push-button technology, does not allow users to scan positive or negative film. For this, they should make use of our TWAIN driver.

MiraScan v5.01u supports our own TWAIN driver, but it is fully compatible with Windows XP, no matter what sort of installation is needed or which function is required.

In addition, we have redesigned the SCSI drivers included in our MiraFoto v2.0 and MiraScan v3.42s so that they are fully compatible with Windows XP. Customers can simply update their Acard ASCI from the web. This driver supports the following Acer scanners: 310S, 320S, 610S. 610ST, 620ST, ScanPremioST, 2720S, and 2740S.

Acer is also working hard to develop an XP-compatible driver for all P-model scanners. This driver should be ready in the very near future.

Acer believes that the speed with which it has produced drivers to ensure full compatibility with the new Windows XP operating system is yet another indication of how important our customers and their continued satisfaction with our products are to us. We hear you. And respond immediately.