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AcerCM Announces August Revenues at NT$4.4b

AcerCM Announces August Revenues at NT$4.4b

AcerCM announced its August 2001 revenues at NT$4,401,710,000 with a growth by NT$640m or 20% of last month, and 15% of the same period last year. The accumulative revenues between January and August is NT$31,171,596,000, with a regression by 2.32% of the same period last year. Together with the overseas Acer locations, the combined revenues is NT$4.82b. The accumulative combined revenues between January and August is NT$39.4b, with a growth by NT$37.56b or 4.92% of the same period last year.

AcerCM CFO Alex Liu said, the growth of revenues in August was attributed to the display and storage products. The sale of LCD monitors at 130,000 sets was a new history high and thus became the hand that rocked the increase of revenues. Additionally, the coming of the high season has pushed the rise of CRT monitor and CD-ROM sale.

When new mobile phones were introduced in September, a big leap of sale would be expected. While LCD monitor orders kept coming in, the sale would continue to run high, and so would PC peripherals. Therefore, rise of revenues in September was expected.

According to AcerCM, though the recovery of the information industry has not yet come, the complete product line-up of AcerCM and its efforts in R&D and channel deployment have been the key to maintain stable revenues. AcerCM would take aggressive actions to win more purchase orders and expand its economic scale.