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Monitors / DesignVue Monitors / PD3420Q

34-inch Design Monitor, WQHD, P3, HDR | PD3420Q

  • 34” 2K QHD 21:9 Ultrawide IPS LED Monitor

  • 100% sRGB and 98% P3 colour spaces

  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified



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21:9 Ultrawide

33% extra screen workspace

DisplayHDR 400

Better contrast, colour, and details


Incredible colour confidence


The simplified solution for Mac users.

Industry Standard
Colour Performance

Edit every image with better contrast, brightness,
and colour saturation -- without distortion.

VESA DisplayHDR 400

PD3420Q is HDR10-compatible. Get better, faster results when you preview
the HDR effect on video while editing.

Flat Panel Precision

A flat panel prevents lines from skewing. Count on PD3420Q for precise images.

Youtubers and content creators can get their best results with PD3420Q.

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Content Creators

seamless workflow with superior equipment

Mac Ready

Take needless complexity out of the creative process. PD3420Q eliminates tedious, repetitive adjustments, freeing your time and energy for what matters most.

Simplified Connectivity

USB-C does it all. Transfer audio, video, and data along with power delivery via a single cable that eliminates distracting clutter. For added connectivity, there’s also a convenient USB hub.

Simplified Colour Synchronization

You need colour that closely matches your Mac. Achieve this with M-Book mode, engaged through the Hotkey Puck G2 or Display Pilot software. Additionally, ICCsync synchronizes colour profiles between your monitor and your Mac when activated from the software.

Simplified Management

Available for Mac* or Windows, Display Pilot software saves time and boosts efficiency. This proprietary software lets you preset multiple monitor settings with a mouse. And it offers support tools to make design work more convenient and flexible.
*Apple M1 Platform not currently supported

The AQCOLOR Advantage

BenQ AQCOLOR technology delivers “Accurate Reproduction.” This translates to the display of colour precisely as it is intended to appear. Led by a colour expert, the BenQ team took part in the ICC* and ISO** to establish colour-related standards and implementation guidelines.

* International Colour Consortium

**International Organization of Standardization

Realistic Results

Designers and video/content editors count on colour accuracy. PD3420Q covers 100% of sRGB/Rec.709 and 98% of DCI-P3/Display P3 while achieving Delta E ≤ 3. See truer colours and better results.

Colour Consistency

Experience consistent colours throughout your workflow, even on multiple monitors. BenQ ensures monitors from different production lines display colour at the same levels.


Explore BenQ’s Dedication to Uniformity Technology

Uniformity Technology

BenQ Uniformity Technology delivers corner-to-corner authentic colour and consistent luminescence. The display is divided into hundreds of sub-regions and meticulously fine-tuned for precision. This innovative tech assures dependable image fidelity.

Colour Calibration

Every BenQ PD3420Q monitor is individually
factory-calibrated for precise Delta E and Gamma
performance. Count on out-of-the-box colour accuracy.

Calman Verified and Pantone Validated

With Calman Verified and Pantone Validated certifications, BenQ PD3420Q maintains truthful colours which promise industry-approved performance for creative endeavors.

Work smart.

Not hard.

Utilize 30% more screen to customize your work spaces and maximize your output.

One Versatile Display

Go split screen. Picture In Picture (PIP) and Picture By Picture (PBP) let you customize your work flow. PD3420Q's massive screen size opens infinite possibilities.

One Control for Two Systems

Display and control content from two different PC systems on one screen using one keyboard and mouse to save space and boost work efficiency.

One Key Shortcuts

Easily access input modes, industry standard colour settings, and other features. The Hotkey Puck G2 makes navigating your screen settings simple and convenient.

One Cable Connectivity

The latest USB-C port provides high-speed video/audio/data transmission and power delivery with just one cable. Improve
work flow in an uncluttered workspace.



Effortlessly match the ICC profiles between monitors and computers. Use ICCsync to customize the colour mapping process through Display Pilot software or the monitor itself. The instant colour-mode adjustment boosts productivity and assures precise results.


Elevate your expertise with BenQ’s specialized display modes.

Darkroom Mode

Adjust image brightness and contrast for work in dark environments.

M-book Mode

Replicate exquisite colour from Mac devices on your BenQ display.

Animation Mode

Enhance the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright regions.


Enjoy superior contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations.

Eye-Care For You

BenQ's industry-leading Eye-Care technologies reduce eye fatigue while ensuring greater user comfort after a long period of use.