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Monitors / DesignVue Monitors / PD2700Q

27 inch Design Monitor, QHD, 100% sRGB & Rec. 709 | PD2700Q

  • 27” 2K QHD 16:9 IPS LED Monitor

  • 100% Rec. 709 and sRGB colour spaces

  • DualView Function and Darkroom Mode



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Make Inspirations Come Alive.

Accurate Color speaks your mind

Precision for Perfection

When every detail matters. PD2700Q delivers absolute colour precision and 2K UHD, empowering you to turn digital dreams into reality.

see only vibrant colors in lines and forms with pd2700q
Let Color

Inspiration comes in lines or forms.
Let accurate colors bring them to life.

AQCOLOR technology comes with industry standard, displaying details and out-of-the-box gurantee

Covers 100% sRGB, and Rec.709 color spaces, you can easily load and display images imported from different sources. Amazing Delta E<=3 ensures superb accuracy and absolute color confidence.

pd2700q with 100% srgb on providing better image quality

Comes individually pre-calibrated, with a certification report, guaranteeing trustworthy color performance.

BenQ DesignVue monitors earn Pantone Validated status. Creative professionals demand excellence, and BenQ delivers.

pd2700q's darkroom mode adjusts image brightness and contrast for work in dark environment
Show Only Necessary Detail

Various color modes bring necessary detail to your eyes. You only need to pour your soul onto the work.

pd2700q's darkroom mode adjusts image brightness and contrast for work in dark environment
Darkroom Mode

Adjust image brightness
and contrast for work in dark

pd2700q's dualview mode shaowcases designs in two modes side by side for improved workflow and enhanced productivity

Showcase designs in two modes side-by-side for improved workflow and enhanced productivity.

pd2700q's animation mode enhances clarity of dark areas without exposing bright regions
Animation Mode

Enhance the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright regions.

pd2700q's cad/cam mode showcases superior contrast of lines and shapes.

Enjoy superior contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations.

How to Choose a Monitor for AutoCAD - Learn More

Tap into your creativity
Tap into Your Creativity

Let improved design experience take care of the trivial work. You only need to lend your creative talents to do the right thing.

Ergonomic Design

Create in comfort with your monitor in the ideal position.

Display Pilot

Display Pilot software lets you access designer-friendly features for ease and efficiency.
*Apple M1 platform supported.

pd2700q reduces eye fatigue with eye-care technology
Create with Fresh Eyes

BenQ's industry-leading eye care technologies reduce eye fatigue while ensuring greater user comfort during long periods of use.


Low Blue Light

Low blue light technology filters harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages.

BenQ Low Blue Light Technology - Learn More


Flicker-Free™ eliminates screen flickers found in traditional LCD monitors during extended viewing.

BenQ Flicker-Free Technology - Learn More

pd2700q represent right colors in front of you
You Can Trust

Demand superb color accuracy. Your work is worth it.

AQCOLOR technology comes with industry standard, displaying details and out-of-the-box gurantee
Ambassador’s Work Gallery
DesignVue monitors ambassador creation
Nemanja Sekulic

Romantic Night


This photo is made for my favorite customer, my mother! She is a medicine doctor, but she also write a poems and short stories.

This photo is made as a book cover for one of her love story poems.

It shows how a man is trying to impress the women she likes and to win her heart by doing some "silly" like even give her the moon as a gift.

Of course she is impressed by that act and she fell in love with him.

This photo is a combination of 3D mode and regular photos of two people (me and my friend), shoot in a studio.

The building is made in Cinema 4D.

I love to use 3D elements in my photos just because some things I can't photograph. In this case I had this kind of a building in my mind, but I couldn't find it in a real life, and also if I could, the right perspective and the angles is really hard to get for this situation.

So, moral of the story is, the more things you know to do, the more skills you have, the more fun you will have in a photo manipulation world.

DesignVue monitors ambassador creation
Bert Monroy

Last night in Warsaw


My wife was born In Warsaw, Poland. We have been back there a few times. A couple of years ago my wife and I went to Poland for a wedding. It was, as it always has been, a wonderful time. We visited many cities throughout the country. The last night before coming home, we were back in Warsaw and had a huge family dinner followed with some sightseeing. It was on this night that I was inspired to create this painting.

The last glimpse of sunlight painted the sky a beautiful “Parrish Blue” color. Maxfield Parrish was one of my earliest artistic influences. The only evidence of that influence is the heavy saturation of colors that I put into my work. This vision presented me with that color saturation as if Parrish himself had set it up for me.

The most challenging part of this piece was to capture the brilliance of that early evening sky. A simple gradient, yet it took the better part of an entire morning to get it right.

DesignVue monitors ambassador creation
Martin Benes

The moment before the fight


Black and white images have something great in them, they are able to stop the time and make us think. I used Calculations in Photoshop combined with the power of color tweaking in ACR in order to create the image I was aiming for. 

I did this project on my PD2720U which is just amazing for the control of colors and tones in an image and thanks to this, was able to tweak the colors exactly as I wanted in order to achieve the final Black And White image.

DesignVue monitors ambassador creation
Martin Pertiniak

Tommy Shelby


Peaky Blinders is a fantastic show featuring so many memorable characters. With this portrait I tried to capture the complexity of the main character, Tommy Shelby, the head of the Peaky Blinders gang, played by the brilliant Cillian Murphy

DesignVue monitors ambassadors