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Professional Monitor

BenQ AQCOLOR displays are made for design, photography, and video editing. We maintain close ties with the community and deliver products that cater directly to the unique needs of these highly specialized fields. The AQCOLOR team comprises color and image experts who know professional monitors must provide uncompromising color accuracy, calibration, and consistency, furnish the latest color management workflow tools and feature connectivity that supports a diverse range of devices and standards. For image professionals, AQCOLOR offers the finest in the monitor landscape.


Our team of image professionals and color engineers relies on proven experience and science when designing every monitor and feature. We work together with image professionals to get actual community feedback and fine-tune products based on real world use. Combined with in-house testing and calibration plus exhaustive panel design and quality assurance, these result in AQCOLOR-exclusive technologies and features that lead the industry.

Usage Scenarios

AQCOLOR monitors have everything for image pros, and here we see how. From photographers and designers who need utmost color fidelity and accurate hardcopy prints to videographers with a preference for extensive connectivity and compatibility, we’ve got you covered. 

Color Tech Specs

How does AQCOLOR magic happen? Take a peek behind the curtain and find out. Read all about the techie side of our approach, from color spaces and bit depth, to look up tables and custom modes. This is what it takes to ensure colors you can really trust. 

Color Gamut

Aug 21, 2019


Sep 17, 2019

Chroma Sampling


AQCOLOR monitors earn their professional badge by going way beyond consumer grade. It’s not just HDMI and DisplayPort here. We provide connections for professional needs, including Thunderbolt and, for video professionals, SDI. There’s lots more to find out, so go ahead and plug in. 

USB-C Monitor

Color Management Workflow

Great hardware is only half the equation – or the battle! The AQCOLOR team knows all about workflows and gets constant, up to date feedback from professionals in the field. We know capable color management leads to great consistency and results. Read more about our approach to ICC profiles and other tools that provide an environment for professional creativity, and for your masterpieces.