LCD Monitors

Australian Consumer Law Notice


Our goods come with guarantee that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

  1. General Terms and Conditions: Australia and New Zealand

    This document sets out the terms and conditions of BenQ's manufacturers product warranties for BenQ branded products.  
    In this warranty:  
    1. "ASP" means a BenQ Authorised Service Provider;
    2. "BenQ" means BenQ Australia Pty Ltd ACN 093 179 134;
    3. "Product" means any tangible personal property purchased by you from BenQ;
    4. "Warranty Period" means the period or periods of time specified in Section 11 for BenQ Products;
    5. "You" means the purchaser of any one or more Product, and "your" has a corresponding meaning.
  3. Warranty Terms

    1. BenQ warrants that the Product is free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship when despatched from a BenQ warehouse in Australia or New Zealand for the relevant Warranty Period.
    3. Subject to the terms of this warranty BenQ will repair or replace at no additional charge, defective parts with new parts or serviceable parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance.
    5. This warranty only applies to Product purchased in Australia or New Zealand and is in addition to (and does not exclude or modify in any way) any non-excludable statutory warranties in Australia and New Zealand.
    7. The sales receipt is proof of purchase of the Product and the warranty period commences as of the date on the receipt and must be original owner/company the receipt is made to. Please complete Section 10 below to maintain a record of your purchase.
    9. It is your responsibility to maintain useable archival back-ups of all data and to reload all software following any maintenance or repair work.
    11. This warranty is given in addition to the other rights and remedies that are conferred to you by the law.
  5. Warranty Exclusions

    This warranty or a claim made under it may be refused if the defect claimed has arisen for reasons other than faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Circumstances in which a warranty claim may be declined include, but are not limited to, the following:  
    1. The Product is damaged by:  
      1. accident;
      2. misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service;
      3. normal wear and tear;
      4. incomplete or improper installation;
      5. incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation;
      6. insect or vermin infestation;
      7. food or liquid spills or immersion in liquid;
      8. use or storage in conditions or at temperatures other than as recommended in the Product’s specifications or instruction manual;
      9. incorrect voltage or use of batteries or charging units other than those supplied or recommended by BenQ; and
      10. images burnt into the displayed image as a result of a failure to use power saving or screen savers.
    3. The Product's serial number or warranty seal has been removed or defaced;
    5. A claim for missing software or accessories was not reported during BenQ's normal business hours within 7 working days after purchase and/or satisfactory evidence that the relevant item was missing is not provided.
    7. The Product is used at any time for a commercial, business or industrial application.
    9. Software related faults resulting from incorrect installation of software (except where the software is installed by an ASP). Viruses or bugs are not considered Product faults.
    11. Parts, products and software not manufactured or supplied by BenQ, whether installed in or attached to the Product, are not covered by this warranty.
    13. LCD screens may contain defective pixels which, while visible, may not constitute a defect for the purposes of this warranty. BenQ retains the right to refuse any claim for repair or replacement of a LCD screen if the number of defective dots falls within BenQ's published specifications. The specifications are available at below.
    15. BenQ is not responsible for providing you with any future upgrade/s of software bundled with any Product.
    17. Parallel/grey imports  
      "Parallel" or "grey" imports is a term used to describe products imported directly into a country by persons other than the manufacturer's authorised distributor in that country.  
      BenQ Australia Pty Ltd (“BenQ Australia”) is the sole authorised importer into Australia of BenQ branded products.  
      BenQ Australia does not provide any warranty or guarantee on parallel or grey imports.  
      BenQ Australia is under no obligation to service or repair parallel or grey imports and will charge standard commercial rates on such products it chooses to service or repair that it is requested to service.  
      Consumers who intend to purchase BenQ branded products overseas or online are advised to check with the reseller to establish the warranty applicable to the product. BenQ Australia will not be bound by any incorrect information provided by the reseller.  
      Consumers are also warned that goods purchased outside of Australia may not meet Australian safety or other standards.  
      BenQ Australia will service BenQ branded products carrying an international warranty in accordance with the terms of that warranty.
  7. How to Arrange Warranty Service

    1. Before initiating a warranty service, please prepare the following information:  
      1. Product name or model number;
      2. Full serial number;
      3. Your contact address, email, telephone and fax numbers;
      4. Detailed description of the fault; and
      5. Purchase invoice or receipt.
    3. Return of Product  
      The Table of Warranty Period for BenQ Products in Section 11 sets out how your Product is to be delivered to BenQ for assessment and repair. This will either be:  
      1. For you to arrange delivery of the Product to BenQ or your nearest ASP ("Return to base"); or
      2. BenQ will arrange the return of your product at BenQ’s expense. This may involve taking the product to a local drop off point as advised by BenQ.
    5. Return to Base  
      1. If your Product is to be returned to BenQ or your nearest ASP for repair, you must include your receipt as a proof of purchase date, and the information set out in Section 4.a above.
      2. To locate your nearest ASP log onto www.BenQ.com.au. If you do not have access to the internet and are calling from Australia you can call 1300 130 336 between 9am and 5:30pm (Australia EST or daylight saving time as applicable) weekdays excluding public holidays, from New Zealand call 0800 14 2367 between 8:30am and 5:30pm weekdays, excluding public holidays.
      3. The Product should be packed to avoid damage in transit. If possible, packing it with the original packing material or materials will minimise the risk of the Product being damaged in transit. BenQ shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage caused during or as a result of transit.
      4. BenQ will notify you of when the Product is ready for pick up.
      5. Please note that freight and insurance to and from your nearest ASP must be arranged and paid for by you.
  9. Repair Notice

    BenQ gives the following notice with respect to all repairs of Products:  
    1. User-generated data  
      The repair of goods capable of retaining user-generated data may result in the loss of data stored on those goods.   
      In this notice, "user-generated data" means any data stored on goods including customized programming on computers and cameras.
    3. Use of Refurbished Parts  
      Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.
  11. Customer Charges

    1. Where a claim is made under this warranty and the ASP determines that the problem with the Product is not covered by any applicable warranty, you will be liable for any charges incurred to rectify the problem. In the event that no fault is found with the Product you will be charged an inspection fee.
    3. In order to minimise the possibility of your incurring charges for the correction of any problem, we recommend you check the following:
      1. The Product and software have been correctly installed;
      2. All settings are in accordance with the instruction manual, and;
      3. The problem is not related to any accessory or software not supplied with the product, or due to any introduced virus or bug.
  13. Limitation of Liability

    1. To the full extent permitted by law all warranties other than provided herein are expressly negated, and BenQ shall not be liable with respect to any loss or damage whether direct or indirect or consequential arising from your purchase, use or non-use of the Product.
    3. Provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act and other State legislation in Australia, and the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Sale of Goods Act and the Fair Trading Act in New Zealand, imply warranties or conditions, or impose obligations, upon BenQ which cannot, in whole or in part, be excluded, restricted or modified. To the extent permitted by law, BenQ's liability (if any) arising out of or in relation to the Products or any services supplied by BenQ shall be limited, at its option, to:

      1. in the case of Products, the replacement or repair of the Products or the supply of equivalent products or the payment of the cost of replacing the Products or having the Products repaired or of acquiring equivalent Products.
      2. in the case of services, the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services re-supplied.
    5. The warranties conferred under BenQ’s manufacturers warranty do not extend to any costs, damages or losses associated with the installation, de-installation or re-installation of a Product, including costs associated with the de-mounting or re-mounting of any projector (and any other ancillary activities), delivery, handling, transportation or insurance of the Product or any part or replacement of the Product.
  15. Privacy

    In the event that you make a warranty claim it will be necessary for BenQ and/or the ASP and retailer from whom you purchased the Product to exchange the personal information you have provided (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) for the purpose of contacting you (if required) and as otherwise necessary to enable BenQ to meet its obligations under this warranty.
  17. Contact Details

    BenQ Australia Pty Ltd
    Unit 6, 2 Holker Street
    Tel: +61 2 8988 6500
    Fax: +61 2 8988 6538
    Call Centre:
    1300 130 336 (Australia)
    0800 14 BENQ (2367) (New Zealand)  
    Email: BQauService@BenQ.com  
    Contact details for general enquiries are the same as those set out in Section 4.c.(ii) above.
  19. Warranty Details

    Please record the following details in relation to your Product and store this information in a safe place:  
    Serial Number
    Date of Purchase
    Place of Purchase
    Company Name
    Please also retain with this information, a copy of the invoice issued to you by the supplier.
  21. Table of Warranty Period for BenQ Products

    The warranty applicable to each Product is set out in the tables below.  
    1. Complete Products  
      Product Model Warranty Period Note
      LCD/LED Monitor * Standard Models:
      GL, GW, EW, RL, EL series
      3 years On-site pick up and return available
      Value Models:
      G922HD, G922HDA, G2020HD, G2020HDA
      3 years Limited warranty, on-site pick up and return available  
      Panel 1 year
      Commercial/Gaming Model:
      BL, XL, SW, PG, PD, EX, PV series
      3 years On-site pick up and return available
      Projector (Mainstream) GP1/GP2
      All MS series
      1 year Return to base only  

      Lamp ** – The earlier of 6 months or 750 hours
      TK800, TK800M, TK850
      EX600, EH600, EW600, EW800ST, EX800ST
      W1700, W1700M, W1090, W1120, W1210ST, W8000, W2000, W1700, W2700, W5700  
      All MX, MW, MH, TH, MH, LX series (except UST)
      2 years On-site pick up and return available  
      Lamp ** – The earlier of 6 months or 750 hours
      Projector (Education) MP772ST/MP777/MP780ST
      All UST, SW, LU, LK series
      3 years On-site pick up and return available  
      Lamp ** – The earlier of 1 year or 1,000 hours
      Pro Cinema and Auditorium W6000, W7000/+,W11000/H X12000/H
      PX9230, PU9220+,PX9210, PX9510, PW9520, PW9620, PX9710, LU9235, PU9220, PU9730, PU9530
      LU9915, LU9715, LX9215, LU9235, LK970, LU9715, LU950
      SW921+, SU922, LK990
      3 years On-site pick up and return available  
      Lamp ** – The earlier of 1 Year or 1,000 hours  
      *** On Laser and LED light source Model:
      LU9715/LU9915/LU9235/LX9215 (3 years / 20,000 hrs)
      LK970/LU950 series (3 years / 15,000 hrs)
      L770/L720/L890/L820 (3 years / 10,000 hrs)
      Projector Lamp & Accessories *** All models of lamp The earlier of 1 year or 750 hours Based on minimum equivalent lamp usage hour or warranty period, whichever comes first
      Large Format Display All RP series and CP series 3 years Limited on-site warranty - User has to take the product from the wall or fixing on to floor or table for repair
      All RM series 2 years
      Signage All IL, PL, PH, SL, ST, BH, DH, TL series 3 years Limited on-site warranty - User has to take the product from the wall or fixing on to floor or table for repair
      Wireless Presentation InstaShow series 1 year On-site pick up and return available
      Electrostatic Speaker treVolo series 1 year Return to base only
      Desk Lamp WiT LED Lamp 1 year Return to base only
      Zowie Gaming Gear Zowie gaming mouse, mouse pad, Camcade cable management device 1 year Return to base only
      (For purchases from Australia only)
      Software 90 days
      Travel Case Travel Case 1 year Pick up, repair and return or pick up and replace

      * LCD panel pixel policy applies. For more information, please refer to Section 10.c.
      ** Based on minimum equivalent lamp usage hour or warranty period, whichever comes first.
      *** Applies to Lamp and Accessories subsequently purchased from BenQ or Authorised Resellers

    3. Parts and Accessories  
      In relation to parts and accessories:  
      "In-Box" means parts and accessories come included with the Product listed in Section 14.a.  
      "Out-Box" means parts and accessories purchased from authorised BenQ resellers and distributors separate from the Products listed in Section 14.a.  
      Product In-box Out-box
      Standard Remote Controls (for all products) 1 year 6 months
      Lamps for Digital Projectors The first to occur of 12 months and 750 hours of usage The first to occur of 6 months and 750 hours of usage
      Other parts, accessories 1 year 6 months
    5. Key component warranty  
      About LCD panel pixel policy  
      The sharp detail and vivid colors from each and every BenQ LCD panel is made up of tiny pixels, and each tiny pixel has three smaller individual red, green and blue pixel. Thus, a single BenQ LCD panel consists of millions of tiny pixels.  
      During LCD panel manufacturing of BenQ LCD monitors/Large Format Display/Digital Signage product, it is not uncommon for pixels to remain "stuck", a phenomenon which an imperfection either a colored pixel which is always ON (bright), or always OFF (dark). This is considered normal and does not affect the overall performance of BenQ display.  
      For more information, please follow the below document on BenQ LCD Monitor Dead Pixel Policy. Should the LCD panel is diagnosed to contain or exceeding the following number of non-conforming pixel (dot) within the duration of Warranty period, the LCD panel is then considered as a defect and can be claimed as in warranty service.  
      Download: BenQ LCD/LED Monitor Dead Pixel Policy  
      For large display or signage product, a separate set of LCD pixel policy applies.  
      Large display/Signage Dead Pixel Policy  
      Large Format / Interactive Series Bright Dark Total
      Large Format / Interactive RP/RM series ≦ 5 ≦ 12 ≦ 15
      Signage Series Bright Dark Total
      Bar type All ≦ 5 ≦ 5 ≦ 5
      Transparent display All ≦ 7 ≦ 10 ≦ 10
      Double-sided (each side) All ≦ 10 ≦ 10 ≦ 12
      Super narrow bezel All ≦ 10 ≦ 10 ≦ 12
      Signage All ≦ 10 ≦ 10 ≦ 12

      BenQ reserves the right to make final judgement of warranty claim after closer examination or evaluation of the LCD panel of your BenQ LCD Product based on the specification aforementioned.

      Projector cleaning and general maintenance

      The Lamp inside the Projector is the primary light source responsible to deiver high brightness projection. The Lamp also emits a high amount of heat and can get warmer with increased brightness as larger output of electricity is necessary. A typical lamp will reach temperature of up to 300 degree celsius.


      To ensure the Projector does not overheat, cooling down a Projector mainly involve the use of fans to draw in cool air and exhaust warm air. Airflow for cooling down a Projector mainly involve the use of fans to draw in cool air and exhaust warm air. Airflow for cooling an accumulate dust and other particles over time.


      It is important to note after long usage of a Projector that buildup of dust can eventually hinder air circulation adn cause the Projector to overhead. As a safety precaution the Projector can automatically shut down or avoid turning on completely if the Projector detects overheating. Other symptoms include washed out colours or unclear projection.


      How quickly the dust accumulates depends on the operating environment and the settings of the Projector. BenQ suggests to clean the Projector regulatly with a vacuum cleaner from the outside around the vents area. Otherise, it is recommended to clean the Projector whent he equivalent lamp usae hour has reached 50% of its rated total light source life.


      When the Projector equivalent lamp usage hour has reached close to its rated total light source life, it is highly recommended to have the Projector cleaned and serviced by a BenQ authorised service provider. There may be a charge for the service depending on the actual condition of the Projector.


      BenQ recommend replacing lamps with BenQ geniune lamps.

      About Projector lamp and equivilent lamp usage hour

      Lamps employed in the use of BenQ Projectors are consumable parts. The value expressed in hours represents the minimum equivalent lamp usage hours before the lamp brightness is at half or less of its original brightness, or before the lamp burns out.


      It is a normal phenomenon for the projector lamp to decrease brightness over time. Should the performance of the lamp fails to meet the minimum lamp hour, the lamp is considered as a defect and can be claimed as in warranty service.


      Industry standard tools and software is used in order to correctly judge the brightness of the lamp. BenQ reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim for repair or replacement of the lamp if the failure does not meet the above condition.


      For more information on equivalent lamp hour, handling, maintenance and prolonging the life of lamp and the Projector, please refer to the User Manual of your BenQ Product.