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Designed for Software Engineers
Smart coding, efficient work
Monitors designed specifically for software engineers

BenQ has developed a dedicated eye-care monitor tailored for software engineers, ensuring code is displayed crisply on screen. This specialized monitor enables software developers to focus more effectively on their programming tasks, enhancing productivity.

Easily Control the Built-in MoonHalo Bias Light

BenQ Display Pilot 2 synchronizes MoonHalo with your monitor, enhancing the ease of adjusting light settings, including Switch, Brightness, Color Temperature, Light Mode, Non-stop Mode control.(Only available on RD280U, RD280UA)

Text clarity programming monitor

Maximize Your View with a Vertical Monitor for Coding

Software developers go vertical! See more codes at once, less scrolling. Ideal for languages like Python with shorter lines.

Auto Pivot keeps OSD upright for seamless vertical use, boosting productivity.

BenQ Programming Monitor Eye-Care Technology

Entirely Focus in Programming

Accessible at a touch of the dedicated Coding HotKey at the center of the function bar, advanced coding mode readily helps programmers to achieve a focused state of flow.

* Only features in RD series monitor

BenQ Coding Mode for an Immersive Coding Experience
Coding Mode

Coding Mode for an Immersive Coding Experience

High resolution isn't the only factor for clear code readability. BenQ's exclusive coding mode enhances code visibility, and, when paired with IDE's light or dark theme, Coding Mode's effectiveness is significantly improved, making the lines of code stand out even more.

* Advance Coding Mode in RD series supports dark and light theme, while GW series only supports dark theme.

Eye strain reduction programming monitor

Eye-Care Technology Reduce Digital Eye Strain

BenQ Programming Monitor Eye-Care Technology

BenQ Programming series monitors are designed to keep your eyes comfortable with Eye-Care Technology, featuring Night Hours Protection for better eye protection in dark environments and Brightness Intelligence Gen2 for automatic brightness adjustment. This approach enhances the overall viewing experience during long coding sessions.

Night Hours Protection
Ergonomic design programming monitor

Ergonomic Design for Body Comfort

Your coding setup is unique. Whether you're multitasking or scanning lines of code, you can easily customize your setup with ergonomic adjustments. Set the monitor's height, pivot, swivel, and tilt to your preference.




BenQ RD series monitors ergonomic adjustment-pivot (vertical)


BenQ RD series monitors ergonomic adjustment-swivel


BenQ RD series monitors ergonomic adjustment-tilt


BenQ RD series monitors ergonomic adjustment-height

Height Adjustable Stand

Leverage the power of USB Type-C with Multi-Stream Transport Technology to daisy-chain multiple monitors
USB-C programming monitor

Boost Efficiency with a Clutter-free Setup

Leverage the power of USB Type-C with Multi-Stream Transport Technology to daisy-chain multiple monitors, enhancing your coding environment. This technology simplifies connectivity by delivering video, data, and power through one cable, keeping your space clutter-free while boosting productivity.

*Please note that Mac® and MacBook® devices only support daisy chaining via Thunderbolt. Daisy chaining is not supported via HDMI or using regular USB ports on any device. Also, you can only connect a single external display using a Mac device with the M1 or M2 chips. For more information about connecting different models of Mac devices to external displays, please refer to the Apple website.


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