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Does DP1310 work well with BenQ EyecareU?


Check the software specifications page in EyecareU to see whether the current platform and monitor you use comply with requirements. 

The following briefly explains Windows and macOS laptop functionality with EyecareU when connected via DP1310:

Please plug the Windows laptop into the DP1310 USB-C Port, and EyecareU will automatically work correctly.

macOS (Intel chip):
Connect your laptop to DP1310 through a USB-C cable, then connect the monitor with EyecareU to the HDMI 2.1 OUT 1 port through an HDMI cable. EyecareU will work correctly. EyecareU will not work if the video comes from DP1310's HDMI OUT 2 port and DP Out 3 port.

macOS (M1/M2 Chips):
Video sent via DP1310 will not be compatible with EyecareU.

Applicable Models

beCreatus DP1310

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