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BenQ Projectors and Monitors Receive Multiple VGP Summer 2022 Awards

VGP is the largest and most comprehensive award for audio/visual technology in Japan. BenQ Projectors and Monitors receive multiple VGP Summer 2022 Awards, including the very 1st Grand Prize Winner for X3000i 4K Gaming Projector, Gold Award Winner for GV30 / GS50 LED Portable Mini Projector, MOBIUZ EX3210U 4K / EX3410R Curved Gaming Monitor, EW2880U 4K Entertainment Monitor, as well as VGP Summer award for TK700STi / TK700 4K Gaming Projector and EW3880R Curved Entertainment Monitor

BenQ Australia VGP Summer 2022 - Gold Award Winner
BenQ Australia VGP Summer 2022 - Grand Prize Winner
BenQ Australia VGP Summer 2022 - Special Prize Winner
X3000i 4K 4LED Gaming Projector
VGP Summer 2022 Grand Prize Award
BenQ X3000i Designed with Gamers in Mind, Combines 4ms Input Lag with DCI-P3 LED Colour and treVolo Surround Sound for Movie-Like Immersion
“Leading the X series with unprecedented combination of cinematic images and realistic sounds, along with the lag-free control that comes from 4ms response time at 240Hz frame rate,” said Grace Tran, BenQ Australia and New Zealand Product Marketing Manager. “X3000i invites gamers to expand infinite universes and realize their full potential.”
EW3880R Curved and EW2880U 4K Entertainment Monitor
VGP Summer 2022 Special Prize and Gold Award
BenQ EW Series Upgraded Eye-care Technologies Designed to Reduce Eye Strain and Provide Specialised Features such as HDRi and Truesound by treVolo Speakers
“Ten years ago, BenQ pioneered eyecare innovation with the release of the world’s first flicker-free and low blue light screen displays. This is ever more relevant today, as many people continue to experience higher screen time after the pandemic” said Grace Tran, BenQ Australia and New Zealand Product Marketing Manager.
GV30 Mini Portable and GS50 Mini Portable Outdoor Projector
VGP Summer 2022 Gold Award
BenQ GV30 and GS50 Offers Instant Wire Free Streaming for Entertainment Enthusiasts and Active Families on the Go Who Also Enjoy the Great Outdoors
“GV30 and GS50 delivers meaningful all-in-one cinematic experiences by combining wireless Android TV streaming and powerful Bluetooth multichannel audio with high mobility and versatile connectivity,” said Grace Tran, BenQ Australia and New Zealand Product Marketing Manager. "Tailored for cinema connoisseurs, GV30’s functionally elegant design provides a wide 135° projection angle range for versatile placement, creating novel opportunities to display curated content and share social media trends in uniquely personalised fashion. GV30 is easy to set up with auto focus and auto keystone features, casting your content has never been easier from your smartphone, tablet or laptop! GS50 complement unique lifestyles, covering from indoor and outdoor, with creative new ways of enjoying entertainment and music on a grand scale for theatre experience enthusiasts and adventurous families without compromise.
EX3210U 4K and EX3410R Curved Gaming Monitor
VGP Summer 2022 Gold Award
EX3210U and EX3410R Presents Gamers with the Ultimate Audio and Visual Immersion, Where Users of EX3210U Also Includes Smart AI Innovation to Take Their Game Play to the Next Level.
“The wider field of vision and built-in DSP chips deliver detailed landscapes with clear, vivid graphics and smooth tear-free images with enhanced depth, clarity, and definition. The refresh rate of 144Hz and a lightning-fast 1ms Moving Picture Response Time eliminates blurriness and digital artifacts, making it ideal for different gaming scenarios, including EgoShooter, casual gaming and SimRacing. The AMD FreeSync™ Premium PRO technology ensures a fluid, tear-free gameplay experience at peak performance and at virtually any framerate.” said Grace Tran, BenQ Australia and New Zealand Product Marketing Manager.