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New Passage to Immersive Gameplay

Embark upon a new paradigm of total immersion, blending your world with ultimate reality. Only BenQ gaming projector merge world-beating input lag with cinematic graphics and symphonic sound for unforgettable experiences. Truly live out your favorite games and lose yourself in the far frontier of extreme gaming with the world’s first integration of maximum perception and minimum latency.

World’s First Fastest 4K HDR Gaming Projector 4K @ 60Hz 16ms | TK700STi
Why is low input lag so important for gaming?

As tested by GeekStreet on YouTube

The left side* shows TK700STi performing faster than the 4K TV on the right side. The input lag from the TV creates unnecessary extra “delay” in your gameplay. If you were playing an online FPS, wouldn’t you like to shoot first?

* Note: the video depiction in respect to image quality does not represent real world viewing experience due to varying camera conditions.

Dive Deep Into Big-Screen Impressions!

BenQ Gaming Series projectors bring low latency gaming and cinematic visuals to life on the big screen, unleashing immense imagery and true-to-life gameplay. Equipped for intriguing entertainment as well as gaming excitement, superior video response and visual performance will engulf your friends and family in intense action and joyous wonder of movies, sporting events, and party games.

  • 4K UHD / 1080p Low Input Lag Gaming projector
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4K UHD / 1080p Low Input Lag Gaming projector
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