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Eye-CareU | BenQ Monitor Software

  • To easily benefit from Eye-Care features on integrated software

  • OS: Windows®10

  • Version: Windows: V1.0.0.5


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  • What is Eye-Care?
  • BenQ Eye-Care technology works by reducing your eye strain and headaches and improving blurred vision. BenQ brings a viewing comfort for you and your family in work, play, and study in everyday life. 

  • Is Eye-CareU compatible with all BenQ monitors?
  • Please refer to compatible models here. 

  • What's the difference between break reminder and force break?
  • Break reminder sends a notification message every work period time you set up. If you keep skipping breaks, force break will be activated to lock the screen for 10 minutes. If you want to unlock the screen before the break's up, you need to enter the right answer to the question. 

  • What is the required OS to install Eye-CareU?
  • Please refer to "Download" page for more details.

  • When my monitor is disconnected from the laptop and thus the Eye-CareU software, will the timer continue running?
  • No. Eye-CareU will be restarted when the monitor is connected again, and the timer will reset all settings.

  • Will Eye-CareU keep running after the application window is closed?
  • Yes. Eye-CareU keeps running even after the application window is closed. You can also disable this on the advanced setting page.

  • What to do to make sure I’m using the latest version?
  • Please turn on "auto update" in settings so it will check for updates automatically.

  • Can I use Eye-CareU on my PC and monitor at the same time?
  • No, Eye-CareU could only be applied on a single device at a time. 

  • What does the blue light percentage mean?
  • It's a typical measured value used to show the blue light rate the monitor is emitting compared to the standard mode.