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  • Simple steps to color matching from screen to print

  • Windows 10 and macOS (Support the Apple M1 platform)

  • Windows V1.0.7 / macOS V1.0.7

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paper color sync is the benq proprietary software to simulate the printing results
Keep the Vivid Memories by Paper Color Sync

Memorable photos are worth printing out to make every moment stay. Every scene that you’ve captured after long searches among the mountains, in the valleys, or into the long night. Experience Paper Color Sync to get your photos down on paper just clicks away.

What is Paper Color Sync?

Paper Color Sync is the BenQ proprietary software to simulate the printing results. You can edit photos with efficiency and confidence in this time-saving screen-to-print process by selecting the color gamut, printer model and paper type to get an on-screen preview which faithfully reproduces the final color output.

What Paper Color Sync Can Do for You
simple steps to color matching from screen to print

Paper Color Sync allows you to facilitate the editing-to-printing process by just choosing the color gamut, printer model and the photo paper.

Without Paper Color Sync
With Paper Color Sync
paper color sync brings accurate screen reviewing for confident photo-editing
Accurate Screen Review for Confident photo-editing

With Paper Color Sync, you can confidently retouch your photos on our color-critical SW series Photographer monitor to get the satisfactory results saving you the time and efforts from repetitively comparing your photos against your monitor.

paper color sync assists to preview the photo-printing results on screen by a simple screen-to-print process
How Paper Color Sync Assists to Preview the photo-printing results on Screen by a Simple Screen-to-Print Process?
Let’s Find Out:
Before You Start with Paper Color Sync

*Using a shading hood will help decrease the influence of the ambient light. 

*It's highly recommended finding a lamp which allows its users to change the color temperatures, such as WiT.

For more info, check the link here

Tip 1

Make sure all the cables are connected and the printer driver installed

Tip 2

Control the ambient lighting conditions with the color temperatures. Make sure to check the printed hard copy with the color temperatures between 4500K-5000K

Match the Colors on Screen and the photo-printing
Step 1

Start Paper Color Sync after download and installation.

Step 2

ⓐ Select the photo you’re going to retouch and the software will detect and select the color gamut for it.

ⓑ Select the printer model

ⓒ Select the paper type

ⓓ Select the retouching app

ⓔ Configure

ⓕ Once configured, your monitor will be switched to Paper Color Sync mode and the monitor’s color setting will simulate the final output.

ⓖ Start retouching your photo.

Retouching your photo under color matching condition

*Refer to User’s Manual for more details

Retouch your photo with the selected retouching app.

Print Photo

*Refer to User’s Manual for more details

Step 1

After retouching, check the color and ICC profile setting and then start printing the photo.

* For Lightroom Classic users, adjust color setting before print.

Step 2

Match the Photo against the Monitor for comparison

Learn how to use Paper Color Sync

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