BenQ SW321C Evaluation by Jeremy Daalder

SW321C Review

The short version of this review is that BenQ have made a big, accurate and surprisingly uniform screen that will suit a great many photographers / videographers / designers - and indeed general users looking for a big and beautiful general purpose screen.

It's nearest competition - the Eizo CG319X - is, of course, still distinctly better.  If money is not object and you want the pretty much the best (DCI) 4K money can buy - that's the one to go for.  I think of it like cars, though - sure, I'd probably rather drive an Audi A3, with all its lovely refinements.  But the fact is there's a reason the Mazda 3 became the most popular car in Australia - because for 95% of folks it offers the performance and comfort they need, if not quite the superlatives they want.  So that's what I actually drive, and I love it.  It gets the job done, and so does this BenQ.

BenQ's software continues to be the weakness in their offering, but generally it's only in use for a few minutes a month to calibrate (and there are 

alternatives that offer very similar results in practise, despite not talking to the hardware LUTs - as the native response is so good anyway) - but however you do calibrate, what you're left with is a huge expanse of very good quality reproduction.

I'm personally actively considering this one for my next home monitor (to replace my ageing but long faithful NEC PA271W).  For similar money I could get an Eizo CG2730 - and that would be a great choice, for sure - but for what I do at home (which is mostly viewing, and some light editing of family and general (landscape, environmental, wildlife) photos) - it's pretty hard to look past the 32" of glory this screen offers.

BenQ have made another extremely good value, high quality monitor.  It's bound to do well in the market, and deservedly.  


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