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How to Set WiT Lamp to D50 or D65 for the Colour Proofing

Dr. Chris Bai - Senior Colour Expert and the manager of the Colour Technology Lab at BenQ

BenQ WiT lamps come with adjustable colour temperature and illuminance, so it is possible to fine-tune the WiT lamps to approximate D50 or D65 in terms of x, y colour coordinates using an external calibrator such as X-rite i1 Display Pro or i1 Pro 2. We will show you how to how to achieve D50 colour temperature with WiT lamp and X-rite i1 Display Pro in the following SOP.

1. Turn on the WiT lamp for at least 30 mins to warm up the light source.

2. Connect i1 Display Pro to the computer and open i1 Profiler software.

3. On the right-hand side of i1 Profiler software, select “i1Display” (Select your calibrator model) as “Default Display Device”.

4. On the left-hand side of i1 Profiler software, click on “Profiling” under “Display”.

5. In the next screen, in the drop-down box next to “White Point”, select “Measure…”.

6. Select “…ambient light” in the drop-down box below the white point drop-down box.

7. Place the cap back on the calibrator lens

8. Place the i1 Display Pro as illustrated on the right-hand side panel under the Wit lamp. Click on the “Measure” button.

9. After switching on the WiT lamp, and once you roll the dial, it will turn off the auto brightness & auto colour temperature function (once you turn off the auto eye-care function, you cannot see the green light on top). When you adjust the dial it will adjust the brightness of your light. Please turn the dial to maximum brightness. To adjust the light’s colour temperature, just simply push down and click the dial.

10. The measurement result should be reported in the next screen. Adjust the colour temperature on the WiT lamp until x=0.346, y=0.359, or as closely as possible. Repeat step 7 and step 8 to obtain the result which you are satisfied with. The set of x, y values are the colour coordinates for D50 illuminants.

11. Now you have set the WiT lamp to D50.

12. If you want to set the WiT lamp to D65, then fine-tune the x, y coordinates to x=0.313, y=0.329.

**WiT lighting is not a professional light used for the colour check. This article can be used to help you get closer with a set up using standard light.

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