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Soft Proofing Setting in Photoshop

Dr. Chris Bai - Senior Colour Expert and the manager of the Colour Technology Lab at BenQ

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In Photoshop, it is possible to “preview” or “simulate” the appearance of the hardcopy print before you actually print it. This is called “soft proofing”. You will need the following items in order to operate the steps in Photoshop:

1. a calibrated monitor, preferably hardware calibrated monitor, and

2. the ICC profile for the right printer, ink, paper and lighting combination.

3. Make sure you have your printer ICC profile stored in the correct folder.

For Windows: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color

For Mac OSX: /Users/[User Name]/Library/ColorSync/Profiles

4. Open the image that you would like to “simulate” the printing effect.

5. Go to “View/Proof Setup/Custom”, and another window named “Customized Proof Condition” will pop-up.

6. In the drop-down box next to “Device to Simulate”, pick the ICC profile represents the printer, ink, paper and lighting combination you would like to view.

7. In the drop-down box next to “Rendering Intent”, select “Perceptual”.

8. Check the “Black Point Compensation” option.

9. Check the “Simulate Paper Color” option (the “Simulate Black Ink” option will automatically be selected).

10. Check the “Preview” option.

11. Click on the “OK” button.

12. Now you are viewing the image “with” the printer ICC profile applied. (You should see the printer ICC profile name shown in the tab in the upper left corner.) You can press Control-Y (for Windows) or Command-Y (for Mac) to toggle with or without applying the ICC profile.


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