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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

Why Your Creative Agency Needs a Smart Projector

Make Brainstorming Sessions More Effective. Create a Collaborative Environment.


Ever been in a meeting that had too much to discuss, and yet nothing gets discussed? For a creative agency with a variety of projects and different goals and plans to discuss, it can become difficult to streamline meeting conversations. Add to that the distraction of multiple devices, and it becomes challenging to keep your creative meetings short, effective, and efficient.

So, what can you do to make your meetings better?

The answer is simple: adopt a collaboration tool to make your meetings more about the objectives and less about the devices present in the room!


Technologies like Smart Projectors and Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) are great tools to introduce to any meeting setting. But in a creative agency, they become even more essential. They bring in much needed collaboration and facilitate good understanding among team members about their respective roles in the project, so that they can work together optimally to produce the best deliverables possible.

Let’s take a look at the different scenarios where smart projectors can improve your creative agency’s meeting performance.

Benefits of having a Smart Projector in your Creative Agency’s Meeting Rooms

Make Brainstorming Sessions More Effective

When working on a project, you need the best ideas on the table, well-researched proposals and outstanding pitches. But you also need to ensure that the brainstorming meeting doesn’t take up all your day without yielding a good plan of action.

This is exactly the scenario where a smart projector can come in handy!

They provide direct access to the internet and a set of built-in business applications like Firefox, WPS Office, TeamViewer, Blizz, etc. This enables you to create a PC-free environment motivating all attendees to remain focussed on the goal of the meeting. Smart projectors also allow the users to search the internet freely, which is of huge help during brainstorming sessions and helps zero in on the latest trends and models that your team can follow.

Also, in any session revolving around concept ideation, participation and collaboration is vital. Smart projectors promote the same by removing the dependence on personal devices and creating an atmosphere that is directed towards one screen, keeping the attendees focussed on the topic of discussion

Create a Collaborative Work Environment and Retain Talent

Many creative agencies operate with small teams where individuals perform multiple roles across different projects. One reason why such creative agencies are able to thrive is high collaboration and synergy among the team members.


Consider a scenario where your creative team has to work together to create a deliverable within a short amount of time. With multiple ideas and devices in play, even in a small team, collation and cohesiveness can become problematic, leading to delays and inefficiencies.

Now imagine the same scenario with a smart projector in play. Not only does the projector allow everyone to share their ideas and concepts on one screen, it permits everyone to see the idea put together as whole before reaching its final stage, allowing members to rework and make changes on the spot, while keeping the entire team in sync.

Create Collaborative Meeting Environments in Your Creative Agency


Smart projectors help creative agencies with bright, proactive, innovative teams build an environment where members can share ideas freely, while putting out the best result possible. Such a setting can also help creative agencies retain talent and reduce attrition rate, which is a common challenge faced by creative agencies. 

Set Realistic Client Expectations and Present Deliverables like Never Before

For a creative agency, it is important to set the right client expectations from the get go. Many times, clients come with unrealistic goals and expectations about what a particular campaign or project can help them achieve within a short duration. And for agencies that deliver highly visual campaigns, the final presentation is as crucial as the deliverable itself. Hence, it is important to support your team in both these endeavours while ensuring client success.

A smart projector serves as a great tool when dealing with clients.

To manage client’s expectations and convey what can be accomplished realistically, you can use the built-in business apps and direct internet access provided by smart projectors to highlight recent trends and the statistics of achievable results. It also becomes easy to showcase past projects undertaken by the agency to cross-sell the client an additional service. These features, coupled with high quality projection offered by smart projectors, enable effortless presentations.

Hence, by using a smart projector in your meeting rooms, you can not only guarantee a smooth presentation, but can also set the right expectations and add value to the client’s experience with your creative agency.

Create Meeting Environments that are BYOD-friendly and Support Tech-challenged Coworkers

A lot of creative agencies have adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. However, they have also witnessed some the challenges posed by BYOD, especially in the meeting rooms.

It is easy for meetings to get derailed in a BYOD setting thanks to the numerous screens present in the room. Plus, compatibility issues become common in BYOD meetings when sharing files with team members. To combat these problems, you need a smart projector to bring in cohesiveness, simplicity, and focus into your meeting setting. 

In addition to creating BYOD-friendly meeting rooms, smart projectors also reduce tech-challenges.  Smart projectors are now developed with an android-based operating system. That brings in a use-experience that is largely familiar and intuitive to everyone, even the relatively more tech-challenged individuals in your team. So in addition to creating a wireless, PC-less, and driver-less environment, smart projectors also reduce hassle for all users. 

The end result? A meeting free of errors, interruptions, and IT interventions.

Summing Up

As is obvious, smart projectors can help your creative agency with not only internal meetings and discussions, but can also help improve your presentations and interactions with clients. They offer a world of benefits for all users while bringing in no additional challenges of their own. So if you want to make your meetings more productive while increasing participation and engagement, investing in a smart projector can be a brilliant first step!

You can check out BenQ’s Smart Projector for Business explore how it’s range of features can transform meetings in your agency.

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