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What Makes a Monitor Fun and Comfortable for Long Periods of Use?

Digital eye strain is preventable as long as you know how to take advantage of these tips for prolonged use


Doing homework, writing papers, online shopping, watching movies and playing games. None of these can happen without a monitor. Therefore, you should find a monitor that goes well with your screen time. If you can use your monitor in a correct way, you will not only make your time productive as well as enjoyable but also maintain your eye health.

Necessary Device Settings

A good monitor determines how you will benefit from your screen time. To have good screen time, the easiest thing is to find a flicker-free monitor. The backlighting technology most LCD displays use will flash on and off quickly to maintain on-screen brightness and thus causes flickering. Flickering is not easily perceived by the human eye but will tire us out easily, especially after long periods of time. BenQ flicker-free monitors use the latest technology to eliminate flicker by maintaining stable backlighting. Therefore, when you use a flicker-free monitor for long periods of time, you won’t feel your eyes strain and you can concentrate better on your work and entertainment.

Manage Your Screen Time

Besides a flicker-free monitor, managing your screen time will help free you from digital eye strain and discomfort. It’s generally believed that the 20-20-20 rule helps prevent digital eye strain. The rule refers to 20 minutes of screen time followed by staring at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. However, when most users are totally concentrated on their work, the 20-20-20 rule is seldom practiced. BenQ thus developed a considerate feature to help you regulate your screen time. Eye Reminder, based on existing screen time management apps, is an upgraded technology designed to measure the time you’ve spent in front of your monitor accurately without overly bothersome or frequent notices. Once it reaches the time you’ve set for yourself, a gentle message shows to remind you that you need a break. It helps you become more disciplined with regards to managing work and rest.

Take Advantage of Your Screen Setup

Besides managing your screen time, check to see if the monitor you own has the below screen settings. Latest generation Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology adjusts on-screen brightness as well as color temperature automatically according to real time detection by built-in sensors. That’s on top of adjusting screen brightness based on ambient light levels and displayed contents, features that already existed in the previous generation of this technology. Synchronization between ambient light and on-screen brightness ensures eye comfort. Whether you’re in a poorly-lit room or a brightly-lit environment, your eyes get better adapted to the screen with suitable brightness, ensuring eye comfort.

Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+)

Brightness Intelligence (B.I.)

Last but not the least, BenQ’s low blue light setting is a must. As blue light is everywhere, BenQ Low Blue Light Technology blocks high energy blue light (420-480nm) emitted by your monitor, which could harm your eyes when reaching your retina. You will feel comfortable even after using the monitor for a long time. Based on Low Blue Light Technology, a customized reading mode was developed: ePaper Mode. It’s especially designed to make reading a much more comfortable experience, as if you were reading real paper. By using low blue light, low contrast, black letters, and a white background, ePaper Mode offers comfortable reading right on your monitor.

Low Blue Light OFF






With these BenQ features, you get the best out of your monitor by utilizing your device settings, managing your screen time, and controlling your environment to have a good time without sacrificing your eye health.

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