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Wireless Presentation System

A wireless presentation system builds a healthier and more efficient workspace by reducing the unnecessary stress of cable clutter. We explain the different aspects of wireless presentation technology in detail and what you should pay attention to when choosing one. We also provide comparisons between popular models to help you choose the best wireless presentation system that suits your business needs, and explain why BenQ InstaShow is the wireless presentation system that provides everything you need, in particular effortless collaboration at a touch of a button combined with enterprise-level security. 

Wireless Presentation Technology

Wireless presentation systems are designed to reduce cable clutter, remove many of the technical hurdles to productivity, and bridge connectivity gaps. But not all models are created the same. Let`s look at what makes a good wireless presentation system. 

How to Choose

Available from numerous brands, wireless presentation systems come at different prices and use different technologies to transmit content. While your choice may depend on many factors, when choosing a wireless presentation system for business, opt for a solution that works at the touch of a finger with no specialized training or setup. That way, no precious time is wasted during meetings on setting up or troubleshooting equipment.  To protect your data, choose a system with robust, corporate-grade security. 

By device

Your choice of wireless presentation system should complement the type of devices used in your office space.

By business / space type

Approaches to collaboration and data security requirements differ for each company or even among various teams within the company. 

About InstaShow

The BenQ InstaShow series is a unique, software-free wireless presentation solution that supports multiple simultaneous presenters on a wide range of devices, as well as USB Type-C and phone connectivity. Learn more about the benefits of wireless presenting with InstaShow as well as the specific attributes each InstaShow model provides.

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Compatible with multiple devices, InstaShow only takes one click to start your wireless presentation. After initial setup, no additional steps are needed to use InstaShow with any HDMI-capable device, which includes adapters (for example DVI to HDMI). A fully hardware-level wireless presentation system with no dependence on software or apps, InstaShow further doesn't require access to corporate network connections, and thus protects your company secrets and intellectual property from eavesdropping, ensured by 128-bit AES encryption. 

Wireless Presentation System BenQ InstaShow
Fast, Easy & Worry-Free Wireless Presentation System

BenQ InstaShow helps you carry out wireless presentation in a matter of seconds. No hassle and no precious time wasted.