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Are You Doing Enough to Keep Your Projectors’ TCO Low?

  • BenQ
  • 2017-12-03

In the Indian subcontinent, education leaders are constantly looking for ways to make the classroom experience more beneficial to all parties involved. This is the reason why for the past decade, there has been an increased spending on edtech hardware in the classroom.

They spend a pretty penny to install state of the art projectors in their classrooms, thinking that they can rest easy now. But with the pervading pollution in India, it has not been possible for projectors to function without frequent maintenance, unless they have been dustproofed properly.

This is when education leaders need to understand that they need to keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in mind while making their projector purchase decision.

Find out why dustproof mechanism is your secret weapon to lower the TCO of your projectors!

TCO = Upfront Cost of Projector + Maintenance/ Repair Cost

Dustproof projectors can greatly help on cost saving by:

● Extending Projectors’ Lifetime

● Reduce Maintenance Frequency by 1/3

● Ensure Image Quality without Color Decay

With maintenance costs spiralling out of control, it has become very important to bring down the TCO of projectors in the classroom. So in a subcontinent where levels of PM 2.5 particles in the air were 70 times over the safe limit prescribed by the World Health Organization, your edtech hardware is also taking in dangerous levels of dust.

We may shrug and say that dust is insignificant and it can’t be that bad. But trust us when we say that the situation is grave even for your projector. Why? The answer is two pronged:

  1. Overheating: Dust entry to your projectors can result in reduced airflow and this may result in assets overheating. This can cause a number of issues from your projector!
  2. Breakdowns: Dust accumulation on sensors and internal parts will cause signal detection failure that can lead to projector malfunctions and breakdowns. This may require schools to incur unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

So in these dust and pollution filled days for Southern Asia, how can you safeguard your projector?

The obvious solution is Dustproofing your projector!

Read this blog post to find out how! Comment below if you have any unique ways to safeguard your projectors from dust.