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Dust: the Biggest Villain in the Classroom

  • BenQ
  • 2017-12-05

Dust - such an insignificant word that has suddenly been brought to the center stage in the Indian subcontinent. The previously ignored dust has now pervaded every aspect of our lives.

While Diwali, the festival of lights, may be a harbinger of joy and light, it also brings in pollution to the northern states in India. Cities across north India have continued to be 'severe' on the Air Quality Index (AQI), according to a report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Varanasi topped the list at 491, followed by Gurugram at 480, Delhi at 468, Lucknow at 462 and Kanpur at 461, in the AQI.

This level of permeating and noxious pollution is categorised as 'severe' which affects healthy people and seriously impacts those with existing diseases. So with these gruesome levels of pollution, do you think that your edtech hardware investment is safe?

See what will happen to your edtech hardware in the classroom.

It is rather simple, if enough dust is collected on a filter or in a ventilation system airflow will be considerably reduced. This reduced airflow may result in overheating, equipment malfunctioning, breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance costs.

So in the face of these pollution levels and the potential damage it could wreck your current projector won’t stand a chance! The days of a simple filter being sufficient to prevent dust damage are now behind us.

All these hard hitting facts are proving that your projector equipped with a normal filter will be unable to survive in such environment, so what is the solution? The best way is to opt for a projector that is equipped to be entirely dustproof.

What mechanisms allow the projector to be dustproof?

  • Sealed Optical Engine Architecture

It fully protects the DLP chips, color wheels, and light path components to eliminate color wheel sensor failures, visible spots on the image, color decay and significantly reduce service costs and downtime.

  • Anti-Dust Color Wheel Sensors

These sensors reject dust accumulation to prolong optimal performance without flickering, abnormal colors, or dust-related shutdown.

These filter prevent intrusion of up to 90% of PM10 level particles such as pollen and dust, tremendously improving protection in dusty environments. Certain models under BenQ Dust GuardTM go further by employing two layers of filters to block chalk residue and particles up to the level of PM2.5 without restricting air flow.

We can wax eloquent about the requirement of dustproof projectors in this highly polluted environment but unless it is offering considerable value to an institution, why should you listen to us?

It is simply because uninterrupted learning has been a proven tactic to increase retention and assimilation of information in Indian students. When a projector malfunctions or breaks down there is rift in the concentration of both the students and the teacher. When the teacher loses his train of thought his/her teaching quality plummets and when the concentration of the student breaks there is a commensurate decrease in the retention of information.

Thus, a dustproof projector in the Indian subcontinent isn’t a luxury but a necessity.