[GP10] Why does my display frame rate slow down?

BenQ EZ Qpresenter needs to encode display content while sending massive real-time datato the projector.
i. PC: A dual core PC (excluding Atom processors) / Mac or above is required to encode the screen image at 30FPS (Frame Per Secode) speed. However, if you would like to increase the FPS speed, you can:
a. Use better media players, such as GOM player.
b. Close all unused apps.
c. Use faster PC with Windows Experience Score higher than 4.5 (4.5+ recommanded)

ii. Network:
Using 802.11n WiFi
a. Move your laptop closer to the projector
b. Disable the ""Minimum Power Consumption"" option from the ""Advanced Tab"" in your WiFi network Adoper Perperty setting.
c. Lower PC scree resolution.