[G1] How do I update firmware for G1 with SD card?

※Important Notes Before Firmware Update:
1) Please ensure that there is enough battery power (at least 2 battery blocks) before doing firmware update
2) Please do not terminate/interrupt power source such as removing battery or turning off power while updating firmware.
3) Any problem or failure caused by improper updating will be considered as out of warranty.

1. Backup important data on the SD card first before formatting the SD card with camera, (Go to“Menu” Memory Management  Format Memory Card), then copy G1.elf firmware file (do not change the file name) into SD card with PC.
2. Plug in the SD card with G1.elf firmware into camera.
3. Press 'shutter key+ Power Key 'to update firmware, the LED light will start flashing around 40-50 sec.
4. The LED light will stop flashing and auto-power off once update finishes.
5. Go to“Menu“  Setting  Reset All to Default
6. It is recommended to remove firmware inside SD card after update.