How to Choose the Best Interactive Whiteboard for Your Classroom
  • BenQ
  • 2022-12-07

Schools looking to improve the way they impart education are upgrading to the latest interactive whiteboard technology for the wide range of benefits it brings to every classroom.

What is an interactive board?

Boards have been the focal point of classrooms for centuries. It started with the blackboard, then came the whiteboard, and this was followed by the interactive whiteboard.

The earliest interactive whiteboards were dry erase boards made responsive by interactive projectors, which introduced touch-sensitive technology to classrooms for the first time. Interactive whiteboards have advanced significantly since those days, giving way to more advanced solutions like the interactive board.

An interactive board – more commonly known as a smart board or an interactive display – is a large touchscreen that offers all the functionalities of an interactive whiteboard with the added elements of internet connectivity, screen sharing, file management, and much more.

Smart board or interactive whiteboard?

Although the term interactive whiteboard originally referred to projector-powered whiteboards, its usage has since broadened. With how quickly technology has evolved over the last two decades, interactive whiteboard is now synonymous with smart board, interactive board, and interactive display.

Nowadays, interactive whiteboard is also used to refer to the whiteboarding software that runs on smart boards.

Beyond writing tools like pens, highlighters, erasers, and text boxes, whiteboarding software provides other classroom tools that help give better lessons. Rulers, editable shapes, and a variety of templates are among the many features available to teachers of any subject.

The best smart boards on the market today come equipped with advanced whiteboarding software that offers all the tools teachers need to give effective lessons.

Interactive whiteboard for classroom

The use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom makes a big difference in the process of educating and learning.

Digital whiteboard for teaching

Whiteboarding software is employed to teach in ways that engage, excite, and enthrall students of all ages.

The canvas itself is used by teachers like a regular whiteboard to write, draw, and annotate. A variety of more innovative built-in tools also allow them to type and highlight text, insert geometric shapes, import images and documents, and add whiteboard pages without losing their progress. With such a flexible setup, educators are able to give effective lessons for any topic using only the interactive whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboard in education

Adopting interactive whiteboard technology comes with a particular set of benefits and drawbacks.

Pros: Packed with various classroom tools and other helpful features, interactive whiteboards make teaching easier for all educators. The ability to import different lesson materials and write over them directly not only saves time for teachers but it also helps students to visualize and understand more complicated concepts with greater ease.

Cons: For educators that are unfamiliar with large touchscreens, teaching with an interactive whiteboard may seem intimidating at first. Additionally, as this technology is a significant upgrade from chalkboards, whiteboards, and older models of interactive whiteboards, making the change comes with an associated cost.


Best interactive whiteboard

Despite all the great benefits, not all interactive whiteboards are built the same. Most brands on the market today lack features that are key for truly seamless use and increased student engagement. 

For example, many interactive whiteboards do not have expandable canvases that allow the user to keep writing without running out of space. They also fail to provide editable files that let teachers pick up their whiteboarding sessions right where they left off.

Furthermore, it is rare to see interactive whiteboards that integrate with learning systems like Google Classroom or provide cloud access for students to join remotely.

Thankfully, these are all features found on the BenQ interactive whiteboard, EZWrite.

BenQ interactive whiteboard

BenQ Boards are smart boards for education that run EZWrite, a powerful interactive whiteboard designed to give effective lessons on any subject.

EZWrite comes with everything teachers need to write, draw, and help students visualize concepts. With up to 40 points of simultaneous, responsive touch and fun tools like a scoreboard, timer, and split screen, it is the perfect solution for more engaging sessions that allow students to get hands-on.

To support the individual needs of every classroom, EZWrite offers multi-platform support for BenQ Boards, Windows devices, tablets, and web browsers. This means teachers can launch whiteboarding sessions from any device, which students can join remotely from their own personal devices. EZWrite 6 web also comes with Google Classroom integration, so teachers can link their existing Google accounts to EZWrite and access their classes right on the whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboard price

Investing in a smart board means equipping your classroom with a lot more than just an interactive whiteboard. Depending on the brand, model, size, and added features, smart board prices range from $3,000 to $7,500. 

All BenQ Boards come out of the box with the EZWrite interactive whiteboard. To find out which BenQ Board is right for your school, reach out to an education expert and get a quote.