Saint Ursula Catholic School Implements Smart Classrooms with BenQ Education Interactive Displays
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  • 2021-03-17
BenQ Education Interactive Display with Saint Ursula Catholic School
BenQ Education Interactive Display with Saint Ursula Catholic School



To adapt to the changing conditions thrust upon the education sector by the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Ursula Catholic School decided to upgrade to health-conscious technology. They wished to implement bigger screens that would make in-class social distancing easier, and that would also facilitate distance learning via network.



BenQ’s RP8601K and RP7501K 4K UHD Education Interactive Displays checked all the boxes that Saint Ursula Catholic School required. The displays are large enough so that even students in the back of the classroom can clearly see text and images, and also offer screen sharing and cloud features that streamline distance learning.



Saint Ursula Catholic School now feels more prepared than ever for the challenging new education environment. The school’s educators are quickly integrating the BenQ Education Interactive Displays into their workflows and using the new digital tools to enhance their students’ learning processes.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP7501K 4K UHD 75” Education Interactive Display
  • BenQ RP8601K 4K UHD 86” Education Interactive Display






Saint Ursula Catholic School implements distance learning while boosting student engagement with large-format BenQ Education Interactive Displays



Saint Ursula Catholic School in Jakarta, Indonesia has a history than spans more than 150 years. Originally founded as a covenant by the Order of Saint Ursula in 1858, the location added a school for children in 1912. After Indonesia obtained independence in 1945, the school adopted the name it is still known by today: Saint Ursula Catholic School. Offering a full course of education from kindergarten through high school, Saint Ursula Catholic School teaches a wide variety of subjects, including humanities as well as many European and Asian languages.


As was the case for most schools in 2020, Saint Ursula faced disruptions to its regular curriculum. In order to best overcome the obstacles it faced, the school decided moving towards a smart classroom model was the wisest decision. The school wished to embrace technology to make the learning environment safer, while maintaining interactivity and student engagement. But what technologies would be most suitable for the task?


Safety, flexibility, and ease-of-use were the primary factors Saint Ursula Catholic School considered in their search for teaching technology. After an exhaustive search, Saint Ursula Catholic School found one vendor that offered equipment that could satisfy all requirements of the smart classroom: BenQ.

BenQ Education Interactive Display with EZWrite


BenQ’s Education Interactive Displays provide a full arsenal of teaching features that other panels simply cannot match. To begin with, they come in a wide variety of sizes. Saint Ursula Catholic School opted to install 75” and 86” panels in classrooms, in order to maximize visibility for every student. Thanks to true 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, these large displays offer crisp text and detailed images flawlessly. Furthermore, the panels come with interactive features that make learning more fun and engaging than ever before. Dual pens allow multiple students to draw on the board at the same time, while features such as Brush Mode and intelligent handwriting recognition ensure the panels can handle art and written text with proficiency.


More importantly, the benefits of BenQ extend beyond the classroom. Both the RP7501K and RP8601K Education Interactive Displays are equipped with cloud features that simplify teacher preparation and streamline distance learning. Teachers can log into BenQ's Account Management System (AMS) by swiping an NFC card, and directly access files that they’ve saved to their personal storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as manage teaching materials. They can also make annotations on the board and then upload them to the cloud, making it easy to save notes and distribute them to students as needed. Moreover, BenQ’s exclusive InstaShare lets teachers mirror content from a smart device or laptop onto the education interactive display. InstaShare also lets multiple devices mirror content onto the big screen at the same time, so that many students can participate in discussions easily. Never before have teachers had so much flexibility in how they manage class time and deliver their lessons to eager young minds.


BenQ Education Interactive Display with InstaShare
BenQ Education Interactive Display with Floating Tool

The new BenQ Education Interactive Displays are making learning more interesting, effective, and meaningful for both students and teachers at Saint Ursula Catholic School. The displays are perfect for facilitating distance learning, helping the school cope with current challenges. The BenQ Education Interactive Displays are also ideal for creating a blended learning environment, which will help ease the transition from distance learning back to in-class learning in the future. Teachers have been quick to embrace the power offered by these new BenQ displays, and students are responding positively as well. While the future is yet unknown, everyone at Saint Ursula Catholic School is in agreement that the addition of BenQ Education Interactive Displays has been a major net positive for educators and learners alike.

BenQ Education Interactive Display with Saint Ursula Catholic School
BenQ Education Interactive Display with Saint Ursula Catholic School

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