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Try it, like it, own it!
Try out the GV11 no strings attached and get a FREE blanket and pillow just in time for the cold months.
Only until 10/31 [Ended]
Portable and affordable! Only few a steps to enjoy your GV11 projector with rotating angle projection, thousands of streaming titles, plus $50 Visa prepaid card!

Check out the GV11 portable projector and get a FREE cozy blanket and pillow quick!

30 day unlimited trial

Share a GV11 post to your social media and tag @BenQNorthAmerica. Fill out the form and you will get $50 visa prepaid card right away! 

Your opinions matter! Fill out the form and share your thoughts with us.You’ll get a 100% refund and can still keep the blanket and pillow! 

*Please note BenQ will generate a return label for you and arrange the time to pick up GV11

Don't miss, only until 10/31!!

[Trial Event Ended]
Try out Rules

1. Purchase GV11 at the discount price of $279 (MSRP $379). Two FREE gifts (pillow and blanket valued at $49) will be sent to you
    along with your projector purchase! 

2. After 30 days of enjoying and trying out the new GV11 portable projector, you can choose to keep GV11 or return GV11 for a 100%

3. You can share GV11 post on your social media to get $50 in Visa prepaid card! Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube
    etc., use #GV11 #TryOut and tag @BenQNorthAmerica. Please fill out the form after sharing your post. Once we receive and confirm
    your post, you will get the Visa prepaid card after 30 days.

4. Please refer to the images and videos below for post examples:

5. If you want to return GV11, we would very much like to know why! Please visit here and fill in few simple questions. 

    Once we confirm your feedback, one return label will be generated and sent to your email. Please keep the blanket 

    and pillow, they’re yours! Just return the GV11 projector. You will get a 100% refund after we receive your GV11.

BenQ GV11 - Your Comfy Theater

Check out more GV11 product details HERE

What do people say about BenQ portable projectors ?
  • 1. What is the event period?
  • It starts Oct. 1st 2022 and ends Oct. 31st 2022. Only 1 month, so don’t miss out!

  • 2. How do I join the event?
  • Please refer to TRY OUT RULES. With a few simple steps you can enjoy the GV11 with rotating angle projection and thousands of streaming titles right away!

  • 3. Do I need to return the gifts (blanket and pillow)?
  • No, please keep them with you whether you want to keep GV11 or not.

  • 4. How much is the GV11?

  • GV11’s MSRP is $379. During the event, you can get it for the low price of $279 only between 10/1 – 10/31. Check it out right now! 

  • 5. Are there any content sharing restrictions for getting the $50 Visa prepaid card?
  • The post can be an image, reel, or video with the GV11 included. When you post, please use the hashtags #GV11 #TryOut and tag @BenQNorthAmerica. Please share the post within 1 month after you receive the GV11. 

  • 6. Where should I share the post? It’s recommended to share your GV11 post on any of your social media:
  • It’s recommended to share your GV11 post on any of your social media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, but others are fine.  

  • 7. Do you have post examples?

  • The compact BenQ GV11 brings a laid-back streaming enjoyment to life in the comfort of your home day and night.

  • 8. Where can I submit my tryout decision?
  • Your opinions matter! Please fill out the form and share your thoughts with us.  

  • 9. How long until I get the Visa prepaid card or the refund after filling out the form?
  • It will be one month after the purchase.

  • 10. For projector setup questions
  • For any projector setup questions, please visit here

  • 11. What are the full specs for GV11?
  • If you want to know more about GV11, please visit the specification page here


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