Buy GS50 and get FREE ELITE 100" screen (MSRP $200) only till Nov. 30th

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Buy GS50 and get FREE ELITE 100" screen (MSRP $200) only till Nov. 30th

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Unlock Greater Potential with
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Prepare your child for online learning with advanced eye care technology

We Understand Your Concerns




We recognize the increasing demand for online learning in schools. However, we are all aware of the potential harm screens may cause. Most kids are equipped with laptops for school or have online schoolwork to do at home, exposing them to the negative effects of screentime. Low Blue light effects both eye health and sleep, which are crucial for children’s success in school.



BenQ is Here to Help




It’s impossible to avoid the usage of electronic devices in today's world, and it’s crucial to ensure a healthier learning environment for kids. When using a BenQ Eye-Care Monitor, with their laptop or iPad, children can significantly reduce the potential harm to their eyes from screens.

Key Technologies to Protect Your Child's Eye
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Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye. EyeSafe certification ensures that the display reduces blue light while maintaining vivid color.



Low Blue Light Plus technology filters out the shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation, which is harmful to your eyes, while maintaining the vivid color quality of a BenQ monitor.



Brightness Intelligence is a smart feature of the display. The monitor has a sensor that detects the ambient lighting of the room and the brightness and contrast of the screen content to adjust the brightness and enhance the darker areas on your display without overexposing the brighter regions.



BenQ monitors have Flicker-Free technology that is certified by one of the world’s leading testing service providers, TÜV Rheinland. While you’re looking at your display, your BenQ monitor is looking after your eyes.

Other Monitor Benefits

Ergonomic adjustment options for maximum comfort









Multi-device adaptability with the USB-C connection

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