BenQ World’s First Pantone Validated  Signage

Pantone Validated Presentation Display

World’s First and Only Pantone-Validated Digital Signage
Gets the Entire Message Across

BenQ provides workplaces and organizations with the first professional display to feature Pantone validation. Color accuracy makes a considerable difference in getting the right message across. For the best results, Pantone validated displays go a long way.

Pantone mode of BenQ SL digital signage providing100% end-to-end color fidelity and  consistency

Optimal Color Precision
Highlights Every Meetings

Pantone Mode: 100% End-to-End Color Fidelity

The SL series delivers 4K UHD bolstered by official Pantone validation based on pristine color accuracy. From your mind to the screen and to devices used by the team, the SL series provides an end-to-end solution that covers everything from content creation to deployment on displays.

M-Book Mode

BenQ exclusive M-Book Mode makes sure images displayed on SL series digital signage accurately match visuals created on a Mac device. This allows the original work to be represented faithfully and without cut corners or diluted visual performance.

Cinema Mode

In Cinema mode, the SL series subtly showcases images displayed in high-contrast, added depth and dimension, and with vibrant rich colors, making video look more impactful and memorable.

Photo Mode

Still images deliver deep, strong color detail to showcase the intricacies of your presentations from any angle.

BenQ Pantone Validated  Signage Portrait and Landscape Mode

Effective, Reliable Productivity
in Every Setting

Maximum Visibility in Portrait and Landscape Mode with One-Click Remote Control

The availability of seamless transition between vertical and horizontal greatly increases flexibility for a wide range of digital signage applications and situations

All Ready for “Bring Your Own Device” with InstaShare

Two-way mirroring and two-way touch control, plus up to 4 split screens supported - that’s got you covered on your favorite personal devices, so go ahead and BYOD.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

SL series digital signage products feature screens rated for 50,000 hours of uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation. Get more done without having to rely on complex IT support, and get superb return on investment.

BenQ Pantone Validated  Signage Manage Devices Efficiently

Manage Devices Efficiently

Display Management Solution (DMS)

Better control displays and keep display firmware and apps up to date via LAN or Internet.

Device Info and Management

Apps Management

OTA (Over-the-Air) Update


X-Sign CMS and Broadcasting Software

Edit, manage, and customize content in depth through the intuitive X-Sign Content Management Software (CMS), included with SL series displays. Additionally, X-Sign Broadcast keeps teams in the know with a smart broadcasting system that offers instant delivery and easy management of push alerts, messages, and announcements.

Scheduled Broadcasting

Live Streaming

Group Message Broadcasting

YouTube Videos