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Projectors / Smart Projector for Business

Smart Projector for
Smarter Business
Start Your Meeting Effortlessly

With the rise of new spaces and business models in work environment, a smart meeting room is a new standard of a more agile and interconnected workforce. To those eager to embrace the future and create a future-proof workforce, BenQ presents the smart solution to build your agile team supporting employees planning and performing their work.

Tired of Boring Meeting?
Go Smart for More Efficiency

BenQ Smart Projector for Business is equipped with a built-in Android operating system, enabling easy wireless projection, internet connectivity, productivity apps, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. It's an all-in-one display solution in your meeting room which facilitates your discussions.

Effortless Like Never Before - Wireless, Diverless, and PC-less Experience for Smarter Meetings
Cable Free Wireless Projection

  • Instant wireless projection from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in a few easy steps.

  • Direct Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth for easy wireless connections.

  • OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates save IT managers hassle.
    Software-Free Driverless Convenience

  • Needless to install extra software or driver for wireless projection.

  • Easily cast your iPhone screen via AirPlay, or work with your Android phone. For Laptop users, casting via the Chrome browser takes only 2 steps.
  • Hassle-Free PC-less Experience

  • Business Apps make for effortless meetings: Firefox, TeamViewer, Blizz, WPS and useful BenQ exclusive apps.

  • Direct USB reading supports more formats than other wireless projectors whether for video, audio and documents.

  • A generous 16GB storage allows users to download apps from BenQ Suggest and manage files.
    Video Conferencing at Work or Home

    Enjoy the charm of big screen projection. It's easy to conduct a video conference with the built-in Blizz app*, or use your laptop to do wireless projection at work or home.

    *Webcam is required. You could also use a keyboard, mouse or BenQ Smart Control app to navigate the projector. 

    BenQ Exclusive Apps Maximize Your Productivity

  • BenQ Smart Control turns your smartphone into an instant remote control.

  • AMS (Account Management System) allows you to access and manage your personal files on the cloud.

  • DMS Cloud (Device Management Solution) enables remote and centralized management of multiple devices.

  • X-Sign Broadcast can send instant messages to the meeting room projection screen.
    Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface

    With the intuitive, easy-to-use smart interface, everyone knows how to use it immediately. Start your meeting effortlessly. 

    Casting the screen wirelessly from your iPhone, Android phone or tablet is easier than ever! 

    Knowledge Articles

    Product Series
    Standard Throw - E600 Series

    Smart Projectors for Business E600 Series offers enhanced productivity with full HD 1080p, XGA and WXGA resolutions with standard-throw lens. It is easy to project an 80-inch large screen from over 2m away.   

    EH600 Smart Projector

  • Android Operating System

  • 1080p Resolution

  • 3,500 Ansi Lumens

  • Internet Connectivity and Useful Apps

  • AMS, DMS and X-Sign Broadcast
  • EW600 Smart Projector

  • Android Operating System

  • WXGA Resolution

  • 3,600 Ansi Lumens

  • Internet Connectivity and Useful Apps

  • AMS, DMS and X-Sign Broadcast
  • EX600 Smart Projector

  • Android Operating System

  • XGA Resolution

  • 3,600 Ansi Lumens

  • Internet Connectivity and Useful Apps

  • AMS, DMS and X-Sign Broadcast
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