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BenQ Eye-care Technology for Optimal Viewing Comfort

In order to offer the most comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience, BenQ has been dedicated to developing eye-care technologies since 2012 and certified by TÜV Rheinland. Starting with Flicker-Free Technology, BenQ continued to invent Low Blue Light Technology, Low Blue Light Plus Technology, Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I. Tech), Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech), Color Weakness Mode, Eye Reminder, and ePaper Mode. You can always find a suitable monitor from BenQ for multiple applications, whether playing videos games, watching movies at home, preparing your child for e-learning, or simply surfing the Internet.

Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I. + Tech)

Brightness Intelligence (B.I. Tech)

Flicker-Free Technology

Low Blue Light Technology

Level up HDR Gaming Experience with B.I. + Tech

Featuring unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech.), BenQ gaming monitors can automatically adjust display brightness as well as color temperature to enhance HDR performance, and bring out ultra-fine details in video games for your utmost enjoyment.

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How B.I.+ Enhances HDR Performance

Indulge in HDR Videos of Amazing Details with B.I.+ Tech

When it comes to video watching, audiovisual performance is essential to personal enjoyment in multimedia. Featuring unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech.) along with high-end built-in speakers, BenQ monitors not only offer ultra-fine details for optimal viewing experience, but also great acoustic feedback.

Enhance Students' Learning with a Versatile Eye-Care Solution

BenQ offers a comprehensive eye-care monitor suitable for students in digital learning. The eye-care technology with ergonomic design takes care of students’ eye health as well as their bone development.

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Bring Viewing Comfort to Everyday Computing with Eye-care Technology

BenQ eye-care monitors can improve viewing experience for your everyday computing tasks, such as watching videos, making reports, surfing the Internet, and so forth. The hidden cable management allows you to neatly hide all wires inside the monitor stand for the cleanest look.

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