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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!🎄 Enjoy the best deals of the year.

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Projector Warranty Information

General Terms and Conditions

  1. BenQ Malaysia warrants its Product(s) to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period, and will at its sole option, repair or replace the product with a similar Product. Replacement product or parts may include new, remanufactured or refurbished parts or components.

  2. For the purpose of this Warranty General Terms and Conditions, a Product is: 
    a. Manufactured by or on behalf of BenQ, and;
    b. Bears the registered trademark name or logo owned by BenQ or BENQ, and;
    c. Distributed or sold by an Authorised Distributor or Reseller of BenQ, and;
    d. Valid Proof of Purchase.

  3. Cross-regional or country Warranty is not applicable. For instance, a valid purchased Product from Malaysia is ineligible for Warranty service in Indonesia, and vice versa. This includes but not limited to physical retail store or online markets (E-commerce).
  4. Third-party bundled product/accessory that does not meet the definition as a BenQ Product is ineligible for Warranty.
  5. Product in each coverage country can carry different warranty policies due to the nature of the Product's design, manufacture or expected use.
  6. Warranty applies only to the first Customer of the Product.
  7. During the warranty period as indicated below, BenQ will, at no additional charge, replace defective parts or products with new parts or serviceable parts or products that are equivalent to new parts or products in performance.
  8. Faults resulting from incorrect software installation, including driver or third party application, or abnormal operation or phenomena as a result from the use of third party application is not considered as Product defect.
  9. Warranty automatically becomes void if the product is considered as Out of Warranty condition.
  10. BenQ reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Proof of Purchase

  1. Proof of Purchase, also known as sales receipt, purchase invoice, warranty card or authorised redemption letter from BenQ issued upon purchase of the Product.
  2. Proof of Purchase in its original entirety, printed in clear and easily identifiable information containing the following:

    a. Name of the shop, store, dealer, reseller or authorised distributor, and;
    b. The date of purchase, also known as invoice date or issue date, and;
    c. Item description containing BenQ brand name the corresponding description, model and serial number of the Product, and;
    d. Not modified, defaced or missing portion.

Online Markets, E-commerce and Second-hand Items


BenQ products are sold through a network of authorised distributor, dealer and partners carefully selected by BenQ. It is important to note there are also sellers that are able to acquire BenQ products via other sources that is not authorised or permitted by BenQ.   
Should you have any question regarding to your Product, or uncertain if the seller is BenQ authorised, do feel free to Contact Us.  

Product purchased from the following may not be accepted for Warranty service:  

  1. Unauthorised dealers, resellers or distributor sell through e-Commerce or online marketplaces such as Amazon, Newegg, Lazada, Alibaba, Jin Dong, Rakuten or similar online traders.
  2. Second-hand items, including online or offline trading platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, classified advertising, public/private forums or purchase other than purchase of Product by the first Customer. 


Warranty Period


Warranty applies from the date printed on the Proof of Purchase by the first Customer.  
The Product may differentiate by segment, lineup and separated into key parts and accessories. Each Product, segment, key part and accessory may also contain its own warranty period and policy.  
For other regions, please choose respective regional website at BenQ.

Projector model/type Warranty Light source * Note
Lamp based light source 2 years 12 months / 1,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.
Lamp based light source(4K home entertainment projector) 3 years 12 months / 1,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.
LED based light source(G series) 2 years 12 months Onsite pick up available.
LED based light source 3 years 36 months / 10,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.
Laser based light source (Model name starts with LU785, LX785,LU960UST, LU960, LU960ST,LU9715, LU9915, LU9235, LU9245, LU9255, LX9215) 3 years 36 months /30,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.
Laser based light source (Model name starts with LX730, LH710, LU710, LX710, LU930, LH930, LU950, LU951ST, LK970, LK990, L6000) 3 years 36 months /20,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.
Laser based light source (Model name starts with L*720, L*770, L*820, L*890,* denotes any alphabetic character) 3 years 36 months /10,000 hours
(Whichever comes first)
Onsite pick up available.


* based on minimum equivalent lamp or light source hour or warranty period, whichever comes first  
For more information on light source, please refer to the section About Projector Light Source and Equivalent Lamp or Light Source Usage Hour.


Projector accessories Warranty Note
Optional lens 12 months NA
USB WiFi dongle 12 months Apply to both bundled and standalone purchase
Android TV dongle 12 months Apply to both bundled and standalone purchase
Lamp (separately purchased) 3 months NA
Remote control 3 months NA
Battery 3 months NA
Interactive kits Warranty Note
PointWrite module (PW series) 6 months NA
PointWrite Touch module (PT series) 6 months Dummy pen has no warranty.
PointWrite pen 3 months Pen tip has no warranty.
Wireless streaming devices Warranty Note
QCast wireless dongle (QP series) 1 year NA
Wireless Full HD Kit (WDP series) 1 year Dummy pen has no warranty.
All other consumable or miscellaneous accessories
Consumable items including input/signal cable, USB and power cable, dust filter, remote control battery or any item not specifically mentioned in this document do not carry warranty.

Projector Cleaning and General Maintenance


The light source inside the Projector is the primary light source responsible to deliver high brightness projection.  Depending on the type of light source, Lamp, LED or Laser, light source can emit high amount of heat and can get warmer with increased brightness as larger output of electricity is necessary.  For example, a typical lamp can reach temperature of up to 300 degree Celsius.  
To ensure the Projector does not overheat, cooling down a Projector mainly involve the use of one or more fans inside the Projector to draw in cool air and exhaust warm air.  Airflow for cooling can accumulate dust and other particles over time.  
It is important to note after long usage of a Projector that buildup of dust can eventually hinder air circulation and cause the Projector to overhead. As a safety precaution the Projector can automatically shut down or avoid turning on completely if the Projector detects overheating. Other symptoms include washed out colours or unclear projection.  
How quickly the dust accumulates depends on the operating environment and the settings of the Projector. BenQ suggests to clean the Projector regularly with a vacuum cleaner from the outside around the vents area.  Otherwise, it is recommended to clean the Projector when the equivalent lamp or light source hour has reached 50% of its rated total light source life.  
When the Projector equivalent lamp or light source usage hour has reached close to its rated total light source life, it is highly recommended to have the Projector cleaned and serviced by a BenQ authorised service provider.  There may be a charge for the service depending on the warranty status and the actual condition of the Projector.  

About Projector Light Source and Equivalent Lamp or Light Source Usage Hour


Light Source employed in the use of BenQ Projectors, whether the technology is Lamp, LED, or Laser, are consumable parts. The value expressed in hours represents the minimum equivalent lamp or light source usage hours before the brightness is at half or less of its original brightness, or before it may no longer produce enough light for the Projector to perform up to its expected standard.  
It is a normal phenomenon for the projector light source to decrease brightness over time.  Should the performance of the lamp fail to meet the minimum lamp hour, the lamp is considered as a defect and can be claimed as in warranty service.  
Industry standard tools and software is used in order to correctly judge the brightness of the light source.  BenQ reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim for repair or replacement of the light source if the failure does not meet the above condition.  
For more information on equivalent lamp or light source hour, handling, maintenance and prolonging the life of lamp and the Projector, please refer to the User Manual of your BenQ Product.

Warranty Procedure

  1. To initiate a Warranty, please arrange directly to a BenQ Authorised Service Provider.
  2. Present valid Proof of Purchase. Warranty is determined from the date of purchase of Product by the first customer. Warranty card is not compulsory.
  3. BenQ reserves the right to regard the Product as Out of Warranty, or reject Warranty service completely for failing to produce a valid Proof of Purchase.
  4. On-site pick up service is available with respect to the product eligible for On-site pick up service Warranty only. Customer must adhere to the packing requirements before this service can be arranged, including the use of original product packaging or equivalent box or carton with cushioning offering adequate protection from shock, vibration and drop during transportation. BenQ reserves the right to refuse warranty service as a result of inadequate packaging and is thus deemed Out of Warranty. On-site pick up service must be scheduled within office hours.

Dead on Arrival

  1. If the Product fails to operate to the specifications and standards of the product model itself, has a latent defect or is otherwise not compliant with the conditions or scope within this Warranty Terms and Conditions within the first Seven (7) calendar days from the date shown on the Proof of Purchase, it is eligible as DOA.
  2. The following conditions define a DOA Product:  
    a. Valid Proof of Purchase of Product by the first customer; and
    b. Product deemed eligible for DOA by BenQ or an Authorised Service Provider of BenQ within DOA period; and
    c. Serial number on the package matches the Serial number on the Product; and
    d. Product must include all original packaging, accessories and any bundled third-party goods; and
    e. Not in Out of Warranty condition.
  3. Failure to meet any one of the conditions, BenQ reserves the right to refuse DOA and apply standard Warranty or Out of Warranty service to the Product.

Out of Warranty

  1. Product is considered as Out of Warranty based on the following against the Warranty Period of respective Product:
    a.The customer's proof of purchase, invoice or receipt indicating the date of purchase, or;
    b. The manufacture date of the Product from the specification/rating label.
  2. Product in Warranty period, including but not limited to the following:
    a. Counterfeit, or;
    b. Imported by country or region not in accordance to Product warranty policy, or;
    c. Serial number on the specification or rating label is unclear, changed, damaged, removed, or;
    d. Warranty or sealed label is changed, damaged, removed, or;
    e. Normal wear or tear, or;
    f. Operate beyond Product's intended design, specification, capability, purpose, or;
    g. Natural disaster or force of nature, e.g. fire, flood, lightning, or;
    h. Extremes of temperature, humidity or condition deemed inappropriate for Product operation or storage, or;
    i. Corrosion from exposure to chemical/electrochemical reaction with the environment, such as seawater (salt content of air), moisture, sweat, bacteria, household cleaning agents, extremes of atmospheres, or;
    j. Incorrect operation caused by third party product or accessory, connecting source such as personal computer, laptop, media player (digital optical disc/data storage based) or set-top box.
  3. Customer induced liability, including but not limited to the following:

Limitation of Liability


Except for the warranties set forth herein, BenQ disclaims all other warranties, expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  
Any implied warranties that may be imposed by applicable law are limited to the terms of this limited warranty. In no event shall BenQ be liable for any incidental, special or consequential, damages, including but not limited to loss of business, profits, data or use, whether in an action in contract or tort or based on a warranty, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product, even if BenQ had been advised of the possibility of such damages.  
If, despite the foregoing limitation, for any reason BenQ becomes liable to you for damages incurred by you in connection with this Warranty Policy, then, the liability of BenQ will be limited to the amount equal to the amount paid by you according to the Proof of Purchase to BenQ or a BenQ authorised distributor or reseller for the product.