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We've been making projectors a long time. So long that we've become the No. 1 selling DLP brand globally. While that's impressive, it's not the end goal. We're striving every day to do more and make better experiences for you. Our broad range of projectors represent decades of research, hard work, and feedback from you.

Thank you for choosing BenQ, we can't wait for you to see what's next.

Home Projector series

4K Home Projector

4K Home Theater System

Gaming Projector

Expand your Gaming Universe

Portable Projector

Your Exclusive Lite Cinema Anywhere

Home Entertainment Projector

Streaming, Sports and Games

Laser TV Projector

Smart Home Theater

Home Projector

Find One Fits You the Most

Business series

Smart Projector for Business

Effortless Wireless

Meeting Room Projector

Smart Design for Presentation

Business Projector

Make Meetings


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