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37.5-inch WQHD+ HDRi IPS Curved Ultrawide Monitor for Movie Watching| EW3880R

  • 21:9, 2300R curved, WQHD+ (3840x1600) resolution, 95% DCI-P3

  • Built-in 2.1ch treVolo Speakers and 8W Subwoofer

  • HDMI, USB-C Connectivity, Ergonomic Design for the Best Viewing Posture


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  • What’s the difference between CinemaHDRi and GameHDRi?
  • What's the differences among the 5 sound field modes? What has BenQ done to optimize each mode?
  • What materials did BenQ use for specific performance and benefits?
  • What’s the difference between HDRi and HDR?
  • Can I use USB-C to charge my Macbook pro?
  • Yes. The monitor's USB-C port delivers 60W which is sufficient to Windows laptop/Macbook/Macbook pro. Please check with your laptop manufacturer to see if the USB-C port on your laptop supports DP alt mode, power and data trnasmission.
  • What is the purpose of the USB-C port?
  • The USB-C port accepts data, video, audio, and power from one cable.
  • What’s the difference between HDRi and DisplayHDR?
  • Exclusive BenQ HDRi technology offers improved contrast, detail, and refined colors compared to standard HDR to ensure the best gaming experience and video enjoyment. DisplayHDR is a standard VESA established for LCD monitors, mainly to facilitate adoption of HDR.

  • What is Emulated HDR?
  • Emulated HDR offers a virtual HDR visual effect for your content. If the content is in SDR format and you still want to experience HDR visual performance, you can thus enjoy a better visual experience. Turn on the HDR mode via the OSD. Once our monitor detects the content you’re going to play is non-HDR, it will automatically turn on the emulated HDR. 

  • What’s the difference between CinemaHDRi and GameHDRi?
  • Both Cinema HDRi and Game HDRi are types of the HDRi Technology. 

    Cinema HDRi enhances contrast and the color performance so as to prevent washed-out images. 

    Game HDRi enhances the contrast to the details in the darker scenes and also the color gradations so as to avoid overexposure. 

  • Can we turn off B.I. + in HDR mode?
  • Yes. You can turn off B.I. in HDR mode (or DisplayHDR) while maintaining HDR settings and performance.

  • How is wide color gamut advantageous to movie-watching and gaming?
  • With much more pixels, wide color gamut helps present more color details to make both the video and game content more vibrant and dynamic. Besides, with better color depth, the images in front of the monitor are more true-to-life.
  • What are the advantages of the 2.1 channel speakers?

  • The design of the 2.1 channel can cover a wider sound range than a conventional display by expressing a wide range of high-, mid-, and low-range sound to fully display the content with superior sound quality. 

  • What makes BenQ's built-in speakers stand out?
  • Co-designing with the treVolo audio team, BenQ has developed its customized speaker drivers using select components and materials to deliver big-speaker quality. BenQ uses only neodymium magnets to perform at high temperatures without distortion, ensuring constant quality in sound output.  

  • What's the differences among the 5 sound field modes? What has BenQ done to optimize each mode?
  • Live/POP mode:
    Live/pop mode is a mode designed for listening to live music concerts for long periods. It adjusts sound balance as well as coordination in the high- and mid-to-low frequency sound to maintain realistic, live audio quality.

    Cinema mode:
    When watching a movie, if you find that the speakers cannot convey the sound made from the skillful action heroes, the sorrowful atmosphere of a scene in a terror movie or the heroic appearance of the hero, it will definitely weaken your immersion of watching a movie. Taking the sound and sound fields in the cinema as a reference and preserving the clarity of the dialogue, Cinema mode enables the audiences to fully immerse themselves in the film both visually and auditorily.

    Game mode:
    It emphasizes sound localization so gamers can hear very clearly in which direction his enemies are coming. A heightened level of sound detail is also provided to gamers so that they can hear the soft footstep sound and identify which weapons his enemies are using. It makes it easy for the gamers to attack or to defend as if they were really in the battlefield.

    Dialog/vocal mode:
    Dialogue mode is specially designed for vocal language. It reduces the interference from the background noise, enabling human voices to come to the foreground. In addition, this mode takes advantage of its device design for sound field setting, making it easy to hear clearly and easily distinguish voices which appear in the seminars, talk shows, or language learning programs.

    Rock/Party mode:
    This mode is especially designed for rock and electronic music. This mode enhances the deep bass sounds, 3D surround effects and accentuate rhythm. You will surround yourself in a sound field as in a real party and enjoy the lively and exciting carnival in front of the screen.

  • What will users benefit from the adoption of a DSP chip?

  • The DSP chip makes it possible to optimize various sound effects by enhancing or weakening the sound, and also to do noise cancelation and optimal tuning for accurate audio performance according to different user listening need. 

  • What materials did BenQ use for specific performance and benefits?
  • 1. Corrosion-resistant sponge with rebounded elasticity was adopted to make the sound more elastic, performing rich and smooth mid- and low-frequencies. (Heavy sponge will over-absorb the sound and reduce the sound efficiency.)

    2. BenQ utilizes a longer cone with a larger surface area that produces excellent quality high-end sound. As for low-end sounds, a low-distortion aluminum-alloy cone and port design allow bass to expand, delivering big-speaker quality even in a small space.

    3. BenQ chose a voice coil and magnet that are vastly different from those in traditional speakers. Its “dual-voice-coil dual-magnet” structure uses two voice coils and magnets and a flexible surround, giving speakers faster reaction, forceful sound, and naturally expansive audio.

    4. BenQ uses only neodymium magnets, which are able to perform at high temperatures without distortion, ensuring constant quality in sound output.

  • How can I reproduce the colors of a MacBook Pro on my BenQ monitor?
  • Since the colors of a MacBook Pro are recognized as a standard among Mac users, BenQ has developed a new M-Book mode to simulate the color specs of MacBook Pro on our monitors. Switch to M-Book Mode to make your BenQ monitor emulate a MacBook Pro. 

  • What are the benefits that P3 color space offers?
  • P3 is a common color space for digital movie projection created for the American film industry. The P3 color space has a much wider gamut of colors than standard RGB. This means that our displays can show more colors than a regular RGB device, which brings you true-to-life images and videos.

  • Why is a 21:9 aspect ratio especially suitable for video editing?
  • When you edit a video clip, you will enjoy an extended timeline for video editing. This reduces your need to look back and forth due to the enlarged browsing space. In addition, extra screen real estate allows you to personalize your work environment, such as allocating the toolbox, browse references, and compare text at the same time.