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37.5-inch WQHD+ HDRi IPS Curved Ultrawide Monitor for Movie Watching| EW3880R

  • 21:9, 2300R curved, WQHD+ (3840x1600) resolution, 95% DCI-P3

  • Built-in 2.1ch treVolo Speakers and 8W Subwoofer

  • HDMI, USB-C Connectivity, Ergonomic Design for the Best Viewing Posture


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The GOLD CLASS Entertainment EW3880R
After work, it’s MOVIE time
The Ultimate Cinematic Experiences

The Ultimate Cinematic Experiences

Simply No Compromises. The EW3880R is the flagship model for BenQ entertainment monitors. Featuring an enormous 38” Curved Premium IPS panel, infused with the latest HDRi smart imagery, top of line treVolo audio system, and industry-leading Eye-Care technologies to bring you the ultimate Gold Class viewing experiences.

Impeccable Visual Performance

Impeccable Visual Performance

The exclusive BenQ HDRi technology is the next generation of HDR technology that refines the imagery further by automatically sensing the surrounding light and adjusting the brightness to offer both high dynamic image quality & eye comfort. Coupled with the cinema accurate 95% DCI-P3 color gamut and 24P framerate that ensures the most authentic cinematic viewing experience.

8w subwoofer
Powerful built-in treVolo 2.1ch speakers
Powerful Sound by
Built-in treVolo 2.1ch Speakers

Take your audiovisual enjoyment to the next level with a listening experience far surpassing other built-in speakers. The EW3880R features one of the most powerful 2.1 Chanel treVolo speakers with a massive 8W built-in subwoofer delivering a well- defined bass, and 5 sound modes for your tailor-made viewing experiences.

Beautiful display of art
Advanced Eye-Care technology
Advanced Eye-Care technology

Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) technology is a unique BenQ feature that detects the surrounding light condition and then adjusts screen brightness and color temperature accordingly to ensure the most comfortable viewing setting. EW3880R is also equipped with Low Blue Light and Flicker free to optimise eye health through long hours of watching.
Equipped with full ergonomic adjustments to ensure the best viewing posture, keeping you comfortable through hours of your favorite show.

Everything you need, just plug n play