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4 Devices that Can End Your Meeting Nightmares

  • BenQ
  • 2017-05-08

The best collaboration devices, like the best waiters, are everywhere and often hard to notice. They exist to make your meetings run smoothly and impress you with the results you get. The clarity of displayed images, the precision of the sound, the universal connectivity to a wide range of devices and the interactive displays are all advantages that can help you deliver persuasive and powerful presentations in meetings.

For many companies today, meeting technology can have opposite effects on users. If they are complicated or incompatible with existing meeting room systems, presenters would have to first figure out how the technologies work before getting to presentations.

In the end, huge amount of time could be wasted on fiddling with things that just don’t work. Research has shown that an estimated $37 billion USD is lost each year due to unproductive meetings. Many of those wasted money are going to fund the silence during meetings while presenters struggle with their unintuitive devices.

Take a look at what technologies have the leading firms in each vertical market put in place to bring their best teams together in the smartest way possible.

1. Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)
Teams are more productive when they can see who they are working with remotely and actually see the ideas presented on giant screens. They expect professional conference rooms to have something along the lines of the BenQ RP840G , a 4K UHD 84'' IFP. They can start sharing ideas right away through the built-in EZWrite 4.0 annotation app, or bring up documents on screen and annotate on them with the virtual onscreen colored pens. It can handle the chaos of brainstorming or the detailed information of a year-end financial review. The open-platform design allows all employees to connect to the IFP using their preferred devices.

To further emphasize the positive effect that BenQ IFPs’ ergonomic design has on employee’s health and wellness, all BenQ IFPs are built with proprietary eye-care technology that reduces eye fatigue. BenQ IFPs also come in many sizes to satisfy the conferencing needs of all enterprises.

2. Mobile Meeting Room Projector
If you are in sales, you have to be mobile. You go where customers are and you have to be ready to present whenever and wherever the moment arises. Sometimes, your clients won’t have a giant screen with HD resolution and wireless connectivity. Be agile and be prepared. You can project your presentation on any wall with the BenQ MW705 Corporate Projector which features a 4000lm high brightness and WXGA resolution. You will be backed up by maximum integration capacity and endless flexibility.

To integrate seamlessly into the IT infrastructure of enterprise-class corporations, BenQ’s crisp, high-brightness projection can make your presentation more convincing and impeccable.

3. The All-in-one Google Jamboard

Google is recognized as the world leader in cloud technology, which features a line-up of powerful cloud-based productivity software like Gmail, Google Hangouts and Google Docs. Now they have applied their software expertise to collaborative hardware devices. Google Jamboard is the culmination of years of research on what corporate teams need in order to be productive. The display is a 55”, 4K digital whiteboard and collaboration hub that is touch-enabled and supported by the built-in G Suite software. Corporate users can bring up documents, add team members who are participating remotely, embed a Google map and send a video recording of the entire meeting to stakeholders who are not present. It even has wheels so you can turn any room into your conference space. Google has chosen BenQ as their exclusive distributor.

4. Wireless Presentation Solution
You usually won’t know what kind of software setup you may encounter in a meeting room, but you can still easily deliver presentation wirelessly with BenQ’s InstaShow™ Plug & Play. InstaShow™ WDC10 is a unique zero software solution that allows up to 16 presenters to participate from any device. The plug and play feature requires no driver installation and is compatible with any OS and hardware platform, making it simple and intuitive to use.* Even if your client doesn’t have Wi-Fi or security reasons prevent you from using their network, you are still able to do exactly what you hope to accomplish. There’ll be no more delays or complicated setups. You no longer will get frustrated by IT problems or lose your chance to present due to missing cables. Bring this device everywhere for instant teamwork and immediate results.

*Compatibility requirements are: USB/HDMI ports on source laptop and HDMI input on display device.

Returning the Billions

In the old days, people would gather around a speakerphone or scribble notes on note pads during meetings. Now, it is the era of seeing is believing and everyone needs visual supports to fully evaluate ideas. The problem is that lost connectivity and unnecessary complexity in collaboration technologies are enabling a resurgence in cocktail napkin-based demonstrations. That can be charming but it’s not productive.

BenQ wants every meeting to be flawlessly productive and all those lost billions to start pouring back into the global economy. Effortless collaboration is good for everyone and the right technology can turbocharge innovation instead of sapping away its momentum.